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La Residence d'Angkor

Siem Reap, Cambodia

It’s quintet of conical towers mimics the five heavenly peaks of Mount Meru, and, to emphasise the rewards of heavenly life, the structure is adorned with carvings of over 1,800 apsaras (celestial maidens).

Reflective Imagery

La Residence d'Angkor, in the heart of the small but pretty tree-lined town of Siem Reap, is an exotic, dark-wooden-panelled escape from the heat and bustle of outdoors. The minute you enter the building, you feel the soothing effects of your surroundings.

The Location

Angkor Wat is a Caligula-style feast of statistics, covering over five hundred acres of land.

The Rooms

The guest rooms continue the theme of both dark wood for the floors and the furniture and the luxury of space, with bathrooms the size of your average hotel room in Paris.

Nibbles & Tipples

Without fail, most newcomers to Angkor are impressed by La Residence's two-storey teak lobby and the moat you cross to get to it. But don't forget, they haven't been to the temples yet. And that's the point of Angkor.

Although La Residence is very affordable, it certainly doesn't look it. For starters, there's the pool, a sumptuous 130-foot-long stretch of emerald green tiles with two Hindu-inspired fountains.

God is in the details


River Road
Siem Reap - Cambodia

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