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Rajasthan, India

Aman-I-Khas is a collection of canvas palaces. Each palatial tent is divided into a veranda, an entrance hall, a central lounge with a ceiling over twenty feet in height, a dressing room, a separate bathroom with shower and sunken bath, and a rather spacious bedroom.

Glamping gone wild

A three-hour drive from Jaipur, Ranthambhore is how all of Rajasthan used to be: lush, low forest, interrupted by patches of savannah-like bush - classic tiger country.

The Location

This is a tented camp in one of the last tiger reserves left in Rajasthan, and the tents would rank as the most beautiful and luxurious tents I have ever stayed in. The fabulously wealthy mogul rulers of Rajasthan used to live in luxuriously regal tents while they were on tiger hunts that lasted for months, and these tents, with their veranda, their living room, their changing room, their bathroom, and their master bedroom seem to have been inspired by this tradition.

The Rooms

There's a separate dining tent, and as might be expected from such a luxurious campsite, the food has little in common with tin cans heated over a portable gas stove.

Nibbles & Tipples

The bar is in its own dedicated tent, but most guests prefer to meet for a sundown drink around the massive bronze ceremonial bowl that is used as a fireplace.

All the fun of staying in a tent, with the sophisticated chic of a modern Oriental interior, and the thrill of seeing a tiger in the wild.

God is in the details


Khem Villas Rd
Rajasthan - India

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