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Bali, Indonesia

Amandari recreates faithfully the original architecture of Bali. Architect Peter Muller not only reintroduced traditional forms and materials, but he also stayed faithful to the layout of a Balinese village. The authenticity is what makes it so captivating.

Authentic Asian Paradise

Decorative stonework adorns the entrance to each guest villa and, in a time-honoured practice, yellow banners are set outside those occupied by honeymoon couples.

The Location

The guest villas at Amandari were the first in Bali to offer splendid, soaring spaces influenced by local craft traditions. They set the bar for the standard of aesthetics and for levels of indulgent luxury.

The Rooms

The resort hosts a collection of 30 villas ranging in different shapes, sizes and layouts which have all been built in the style of the traditional Balinese houses with thatched roofs and stone walls, with sliding doors, marble bathtubs and private swimming pools.

Nibbles & Tipples

Built on a platform overlooking the pool and the rice paddies beyond, the restaurant serves a combination of fusion cuisine and Indonesian dishes.

Ask the kitchen staff to make you up a picnic basket to take along on your adventures in Ubud.

God is in the details

Bali is unique. A rich artistic and cultural tradition has survived here, but the architectural tradition has survived here, is in danger of dying out… which is why Amandari in Kedewatan village is so special.


Bali - Indonesia

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