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Mesa Stila

Jawa Tengah, Indonesia

Nestled amongst the volcanoes in Java's central highlands, Mesa Stila still produces some twenty tons of coffee beans a year and it's customers include famous brands such as Illy and Lavazza.

Wholesome Retreat

The plantation itself is nearly 100 years old, and it is graced by the timeless beauty of a grand mansion in a dominant setting that once would have been the centre of life for the plantation. This old collonaded plantation house is now the library and living room, and guests are accommodated in private bungalows spread around the property.

The Location

Situated in the centre of Java's mountainous highlands, an hour and a half from its famous Buddhist landmark - Borobudur - Mesa is one of the most famous surviving Dutch Colonial coffee plantations.

The Rooms

Each guest gets a wooden bungalow that encapsulates the romance of the colonial era of the Far East with massive four-poster beds, shaded verandas and private swimming pools.

Nibbles & Tipples

Dine on Mediterranean and Indonesian cuisine while gazing at the surrounding mountaintops.

The original plantation warehouse has mountaintops into a cocktail bar with breath-taking views.

God is in the details


Desa Losari Grabag, PO Box 108
Jawa Tengah - Indonesia

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