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Ikies Traditional Houses

Santorini, Greece

This cliffside boutique hotel offers an exceptional panorama of the Santorini caldera where views of the sunset are unparalleled. Stargazers will procure beautiful memories upon seeing the village and sea lit beneath the glittering night sky.

Heaven for Stargazers

The hotel's sheer physical beauty stems from its architectural basis; appearing almost as if carved into the rocks of the island.

The Location

Located on the eastern edge of Oia within the Perivolas district, Ikies Traditional Houses is reminiscent of a picture-perfect postcard you receive in the mail from a jet-setter friend. In addition to the hotel's seasonal outdoor pool, private pools and jacuzzis within the suites and studios give visitors the option to stay within the intimate atmosphere of their holiday hideaways.

The Rooms

With a choice of suites, maisonettes and studios for guests to stay in - all 11 of them aptly named (The Winemaker's House, The Sailor's House, etc) - repeat visits to Ikies are required in order to experience each one.

Nibbles & Tipples

Natural-fibre bedding is present in all of the rooms, as well as a beach goody bag, iPod and iPhone dock, bathrobe, and slippers.

Ikies' atmospheric interiors create a sense of harmony between its bare, whitewashed exteriors and the vastness of the caldera beyond.

God is in the details

Great for honeymoons or simply just as an escape from the concrete jungle, Ikies Traditional Houses provides a warm and personable service with a luxury boutique hotel feel.


Santorini - Greece

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