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Palazzo Belmonte

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Since being built in the 17th century as a hunting lodge, where guests often included the kings of Italy and Spain, the Palazzo Belmonte still houses royalty over the year including some of the royal lineage that still lives here. The former home of Prince Belmonte, the estate is still kept to regal standards and it's arguably on the most picturesque plot on the coast.

Opulent Oasis

Designed to embody the perfect marriage between traditional style and modern comfort, this beautiful luxury hotel really is a memorable place to stay. Just a step from the colourful houses and brightly painted fishing boats, the Palazzo Belmonte stands in complete privacy,

The Location

On the shore of the Cilento coast, arguably the most diverse coastline with picturesque beaches, rocky cliffs and perfect private palaces. In addition, 8 km to the south lies the Punta Licosa estate, which is within the Cilento National Park and where you can stay at the private and quiet Villa Sirena if you prefer.

The Rooms

The bar-bistro located between the pool and the beach serves dishes inspired by the typical fare of the Campania region, prepared using the freshest, locally sourced produce.

Nibbles & Tipples

The Lounge Bar boasts a menu that was envisaged by the Prince himself, to showcase the fresh and diverse local produce that is derived from the lush landscape.

Recline on the elegant Belvedere Terrace, against the spectacular backdrop of the Cilento coast skyline and views of the sea and the island of Capri.

God is in the details


Via Senatore Manente Comunale, 25
Amalfi Coast - Italy

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