Istanbul is the city at the centre of the world, where east meets west to connect people, religions and cultures in a harmonious manner.

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Istanbul has a dense historical past, having been the capital of four different empires, including the Roman, Latin, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. Throughout the city, you can still see memorabilia of these fascinating milestones in history, making it an excellent choice for a cultural escape.

Turkish cuisine is an eclectic mix of punchy spices, grilled meats and mezes, with meals being at the centre of socialising for friends and families alike. Furthermore, Turkish people are renowned for their hospitality and jovial demeanours, so you can expect to be warmly welcomed into any hotel or restaurant you enter.

Over the past 10 years or so, as Istanbul has become more and more cosmopolitan, consequently the wide variety of shops, bars and restaurants have continued to grow. The city has become celebrated for its vibrant, atmospheric nightlife, with many rooftop bars and venues attracting a more trendy and urban crowd.

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night club
A nightclub with a view, Ruby offers you the opportunity to party in style whilst gazing out onto the shore of Bosphorus. Expect great cocktails and an elite crowd at this popular city hub.
Dolmabahçe Palace
Erected towards the middle of the 19th century, the Dolmabahçe Palace is a stunning architectural monument that is gonna fill your social media feeds with the most beautiful pictures ever. The gardens surrounding it are an added bonus.
Topkapi Palace Museum
Full of character and charm, impressive and inspiring, Topkapi Palace Museum has a history of more than half a millennium. The elegance of the place is mesmerising and the stories about the events that happened between its walls will definitely catch your attention. Definitely a must see!
Hagia Sophia Museum
Describing Hagia Sophia in words is impossible. However, this fabulous architectural monument of international fame has gained its reputation for a reason: its jaw dropping beauty, its out of this world grandeur, its historic significance, its symbolic value, all of these and much, much more.
point of interest
Nuhun Gemisi Halicilik
When shopping in Istanbul, with so many tempting options to choose from it’s hard to know whom to trust for the best deals. Noah’s Ark is the place to go for authentic handmade carpets, kilims, sumaks and other soft furnishings—including silk carpets.
This hidden gem is a favourite amongst locals for its varied cuisine and its quaint little terrace, perfect for early evening drinks.
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