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Standard Downtown LA

Los Angeles, USA

Until the Standard Downtown came along LA didn't have a downtown, not one you would want to spend any time in any case. Now, the Standard Downtown has become much more than a hotel it is the urban party zone destination of choice. A crazy rooftop, nightclub scene that conveniently has a hotel underneath.

Adult Rated Playground

Downtown LA, after hours, used to be a ghost town of deserted office blocks. But the opening of the Standard has changed all that.

The Location

Most people don't even know that LA has a downtown, yet it is a surprising nightclub zone complete with a wealth of impressive glass skyscrapers. The Standard Downtown has unexpectedly become popular for weekends amongst locals seeking a taste of high rise city life.

The Rooms

Thanks to the generosity of the original architecture, the rooms are spacious with open-plan white mosaic-tiled bathrooms and the odd splash of sixties colour and furniture. They are marked like Gap T-shirts in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes.

Nibbles & Tipples

A bright yellow, shiny, padded diner - very Dean Martin - what else would you expect from Tinsel Town?

Make sure you make time to visit the firepit, where you can enjoy small tapas-like dishes and signature cocktails in one of the city's more serene environments.

God is in the details

LA "suits" now have a new favourite place to go to alleviate the stresses of the corporate grind.


550 South Flower Street
Los Angeles - USA

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