About Us

HIP stands for Highly Individual Places – a must for every property featured on our website. HIP hotels have to fulfil certain criteria: they must be unique, interesting, off the beaten track and charming.They encompass the reason for travel – to explore the unknown and discover hidden gems. Our properties make travel exciting and rewarding.

Our diversity of hotels is incredible. From a restored 17th-century mud kasbah built on the old African slave route in the Sahara to a Frank Lloyd Wright cabin on a North American pond in the woods of Wisconsin, HIP Hotels offers the chance to experience the sort of hideaways once found only in the pages of James Bond novels.

There is still so much beauty and intoxicating culture within the pages of the atlas, from the temples of Luang Prabang, the wilds of Tasmania, the ruins of Angkor Wat and the turquoise treasures of the Bahamas, to the magni cence of India’s Raj, the Zen of old Japan, the mystery of ancient Egypt and the breathtaking beauty of Italy. HIP Hotels offers travellers the chance to explore these jewels.

HIP Hotels was founded in the 1990s by award winning photographer, Herbert Ypma, and has sold over 2 million books in over 15 languages. It has since been acquired by a London based private equity firm who are heavily investing on new, exciting projects for the brand.

Where we are

Having international brand awareness, HIP has created a melting pot of co-creation and it all gets directed to London, which has the creativity and capacity for us to best represent a multitude of culture, art and design.

HIP Media Group Limited Registered Office
5 Savile Row
London, W1S 3PB
United Kingdom
HIP Hotels Office
3-5 Hardwidge Street
London, SE1 3SY
United Kingdom

Who we are

Among our worldly team we have content creators, hotel marketing specialists, designers, photographers, illustrators and writers all working together to create HIP. With an ethos to capturing, reflecting and radiating the notion of travel, and emphasizing an element of experience which is unforgettable - whether it’s stunning decor, extraordinary architecture or a breathtaking location.

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