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Blissful Hideaways: Exploring Europe's Enchanting Getaways

Discover // 15 May 2024

Coastal to Countryside: Unveiling Italy's Tranquil Retreats

Discover // 09 May 2024

Enveloped in Luxury: Renaissance Revival in Modern Hospitality

Discover // 24 Apr 2024

Exploring the Boom in Luxury Glamping: Where to Find the Most Unique Experiences

Discover // 10 Apr 2024

Rediscovering Nature: HIP Hiking Trails to Explore This Spring

Discover // 05 Apr 2024

The Rise of Bleisure Travel: Blending Business and Pleasure in the Modern Era

Discover // 02 Apr 2024

Kalukanda House Presents HERA Project X: A Paradigm-Shifting Retreat for Creative Female Leaders

Discover // 21 Mar 2024

Seaside Serenity: Tranquil Beach Resorts for Those Seeking Peace and Relaxation

Discover // 18 Mar 2024

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HIP Hotels - The Collection (Vol 1)

This innovative new series of 'The Collection' was created to showcase the true uniqueness of these carefully selected properties within the HIP Hotels collection. This book is a gateway into the wonderful world of exclusive hotels around the globe, where the most enticing interior designers and architects have created and oasis of style and grace, with a flourish, just for you. Split over five continents, Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania, this book opens up a world of opportunities. We let these stars of stays speak for themselves, to offer you an 'other's reality.
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Book details: 145 Pages - Hard Cover - £29.99
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