HIP Hotels Escape

Hotels so stunning, so individual, so undeniably designer… destinations in their own right

What is a HIP HOTEL?
An escape from the norm. Getting away from it all is as
much part of modern life as late nights at the office and
rush-hour traffic, and when we do escape we want it all:
perfect weather, world—class food and breathtaking sur-
roundings. Paradise is the aim, and preferably in every

HIP HOTELS: ESCAPE is an extraordinary collection of
Highly Individual Places in some of the most beautiful
locations on the planet. Here is the full range of escape
experiences: a remote jungle island in the Java Sea, the
lush oasis of the Marrakesh palm grove, J. Paul Getty’s
Renaissance villa on the Mediterranean shores of Italy,
even an ice palace in Sweden’s Arctic north. Escape hotels
combine the impact of extraordinary geography with
architectural ingenuity. Simple yet sophisticated, rugged
yet refined, they cater to both our yearning for escape
and our city-bred taste for comfort and luxury.

Like the hotels featured in HIP HOTELS: CITY, Escape

hotels offer luxury exactly the way we want it — perfect.

With 527 illustrations, 426 in colour

Book Details
  • Publisher Thames & Hudson
  • Pages 256
  • Year
  • Isbn 0-500-28131-9
  • Language English