HIP Hotels Beach

Drool-worthy… fabulous

Glittering turquoise waters lapping the shore, palm trees
swaying in the breeze...going barefoot in the sand is almost a
primal urge. But after hours of planes, trains and automobiles,
an amazing beach isn’t enough. We also want an amazing hotel
— somewhere that captures the essence of its location in design,
ambience and cuisine.

On the shores of six continents, each of these Hip Hotels
expresses the uniqueness of its setting. The Lugger, tucked
into a hidden cove on the south coast of Cornwall, has been
transformed from one-time smuggler’s hideout into modern
luxury retreat. On the volcanic island of Santorini, rising
spectacularly from the Greek Aegean, the sparkling white
cube cottages of Hotel Tsitouras cluster around an eighteenth-
century mansion, their interiors adorned with ancient
amphorae, Byzantine icons and antique porcelain from the
owner's outstanding art collection. On Mexico's Pacific Coast,
the idyllic ecological reserve of Hotelito Desconocido invites
you to witness the annual scramble of newly hatched sea
turtles as they make their first intrepid journey to the ocean.
Or for an urban antidote to Robinson Crusoe-style minimalism,
the recently completed Hotel Hi in Nice, France, is a
fantastically innovative creation by up-and-coming star
designer Matali Crasset.

Spectacular settings, authentic style, here are forty more

Highly Individual Places to make your beach experience unique.

With 511 illustrations, 396 in colour

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