HIP Hotels UK

Buy the captivating UK book for a photographic journey around some of the most exciting properties in our collection. Experience the magic of HIP Hotels.

Having travelled the length and breadth of Great Britain in search
of the elegance and vision characteristic of the ultimate retreat,
arbiter of cool Herbert Ypma has identified a collection of perfect
British hideaways.

Whether you want to immerse yourself in the famously lush
and beautiful British countryside anywhere from Dartmoor to
the North Yorkshire Moors: take advantage of the fusion menus
and homely cosiness of the emerging ‘gastro pubs” tucked into
picturesque locations; or hide away in one of the magnificent
historic estates built by the British aristocracy — a ‘groovy grand‘
country house — this book invites you to make the most of the
new British style. All of these UK hotels represent that unique
combination of authenticity and panache that defines a true
HIP HOTEL in their celebration of contemporary luxury as well
as the comforts of traditional British hospitality. quirkiness and
local excellence.

Taking a fresh look beyond the big cities. from deepest

Devon to the rugged wilderness of the Scottish Highlands,

HIP HOTELS: UK is the ultimate guide to finding boltholes

that celebrate rural style and sophistication in Great Britain in
the 21st century. You will be surprised: the UK countryside is
more modern, more up—to—date. more — dare we say it — Hip
than that of almost any other country. Yet in true British style,
this Hipness is distinctly understated — both effortlessly

timeless and imbued with a deep sense of the past.

With 335 illustrations. 300 in colour

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  • Publisher Thames & Hudson
  • Pages 256
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  • Isbn 0-500-28678-7
  • Language English