HIP Hotels Budget

High on creativity, low on chintz and as easy on the eye as they are on the wallet

HIP HOTELS: BUDGET? Doesn’t that sound too good to
be true?

But true it is. All the ingredients that make a HIP HOTEL
- fantasy, originality, style, location — are available at less
than astronomical rates, if only you know where to look.

No less surprising is that they are truly global in range.
Urban or remote, historic or post-industrial, Sunset Boule-
vard or Australian outback: take your pick. These are hotels
created by enthusiasts, and it shows. They include an origi-
nal canal house on the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam, a
collection of thatched huts overlooking a black-sand beach
in Bali, a palace in the heart of the Marrakesh medina, and
a vast converted power plant in Hamburg, its massive
machinery looming like sculpture over the interiors. You
might choose to spend a week in an adobe mud village
in Chile’s Atacama Desert — or a weekend in Brighton at
the new ultrahip, retro-popl‘Hotel Pelirocco. The variety is

Budget or not, style doesn't get more authentic than

this. So plunge in and discover for yourself this fabulous —
and fabulously affordable - collection of HIP HOTELS.

With 515 illustrations, 414 in colour

Book Details
  • Publisher Thames & Hudson
  • Pages 256
  • Year
  • Isbn 0-500-28302-8
  • Language English