HIP Hotels – The Collection (Vol 1)

Hotels and their architecture, atmosphere, interiors and locations all have their own story, from functional or formal to fun, free and fabulous. This innovative new series of ‘The Collection’ was created to showcase the true uniqueness of these carefully selected properties within the HIP Hotels collection. This book is a gateway into the wonderful world of exclusive hotels around the globe, where the most enticing interior designers and architects have created and oasis of style and grace, with a flourish, just for you. From an ecolodge buried in the depths of the rustic Sri Lankan grasslands to an elegantly grand lakeside property with over 100 years of history, these HIP Hotels offer the chance to experience the sort of hideaways once found only in the pages of James Bond novels. Whether you’re after barefoot luxury, high-end retro glamour, urban cool or sleek modernism, HIP Hotels The Collection is a stylish traveller’s bible.

Split over five continents, Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania, this book opens up a world of opportunities. We let these stars of stays speak for themselves, to offer you an ‘other’ reality. These are the most inspiring spaces around the world where you can escape, dream, fall in love or simply just be. It is the very essence of what HIP Hotels does, distilled for your perusing pleasure.

HIP stands for Highly Individual Places – a must for every property featured in our collection. HIP Hotels have to fulfill a certain criteria: they must be unique, characterful and charming, and off the beaten track. They encompass the reason for travel – to explore the unknown and discover hidden gems. Our properties make travel exciting, rewarding and memorable!

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