spectrum (ˈspɛktrəm) the distribution of colours produced when white light is dispersed by a prism or diffraction grating.

Hotels and their architecture, atmosphere, interiors and locations all have their own story, from functional or formal to fun, free and fabulous. ‘Spectrum’ was created to show the full colour range of our hotels. This book is a riot of colour, style and grace, where the world’s most enticing interior designers and architects have created an oasis of calm, with a flourish, just for you.

We have showcased ten colours, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Grey, Red, Green,
Orange, Turquoise, Brown and Pink. Here you can find the most beautiful HIP Hotels, that will entrance, excite and inspire you, whether you’re after barefoot luxury, high end retro glamour, urban cool or sleek modernism.

For a large part of the history of Photography, before the introduction of colour, the only choice was monochrome and therefore photography was thought of as being in black and white.

‘The Other Book’ then was conceived to show the true beauty of our hotels even when the colour spectrum is missing. It says more than a hundred reviews ever could - within these pages you’ll find timeless windows into other worlds, all over the globe. It is the very essence of what HIP Hotels does, distilled for your perusing pleasure.

Split over five categories, Boutique, Classic, Contemporary, Desire, and Rustic, we let these stars of stays speak for themselves, to offer you an ‘other’ reality. These are the most inspiring spaces around the world where you can escape, dream, fall in love or simply just be.

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