Interior Design Inspiration With 'May I Come In?'

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This month we have been inspired by Wendy Goodman’s interior design book, May I Come In?. Published in late 2018, this design editor from New York magazine hunted around for over 30 years for authentically designed interiors, in some of the world’s most awe-inspiring homes, gaining access to the homes of celebrities such as Valentino Garavani, Donatella Versace, Diana Vreeland, Tina Turner and more and it’s certainly a captivating page-turner. From pure majesty to enchanting minimalism, May I Come In? has been conceptualised as an anti-aspirational book, designed to visualise pure fantasy, preserving the grandeur of its subjects’ reputations, providing all the interior inspiration you need this month.

Price: £50

Author: Wendy Goodman

Cover: Hardback

Pages: 288

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