Medieval Tavern: The Best of Prague's Beer

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Why not try something a little different this month? Back when we visited Prague in November, we discovered one of the oldest taverns in the city – it’s not your average tavern…

Located on the ‘Royal Way’ back street by the castle lies the famous Medieval Tavern Prague that has been open since 1375! Previous regulars included W.A Mozart, Czech writer Jaroslav Hašek, Rudolph II The Holy Emperor and many more. This old tavern is only lit up by candlelight and is one of those places you definitely have to check off your list, if only for its atmospheric vibe! From magical performances such as fire breathing, juggling and table dancing to hearty traditional foods, the romantic yet historic atmosphere of this thirteenth-century tavern will leave you feeling inspired. Be sure to book yourself the true ‘unique medieval programme’.

Where: Prague, Czech Republic

Price: £

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