Olafur Eliasson: In Real Life At The Tate Modern

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You may have (definitely) seen people posting images on Instagram of their shadows being projected in magnificent parades of colours. If you’re not sure what this is and would love to go, it’s an exhibition located in London’s famous Tate Modern. Olafur Eliasson showcases his biggest and most breathtaking work yet. ‘In Real Life’ is formed of over 40 different works, illustrating some of today’s most urgent issues – climate change, energy, migration and architecture. We wandered down a 39-metre-long corridor filled with bright yellow fog and explored galleries of rain until all of our senses were heightened, seeing the world through Eliasson’s eye-opening installations. We’d certainly recommend discovering this artist’s deep engagement and perspective on society and the environment — it’s totally epic!

Where: Tate Modern, London

When: Until 5th January 2020

Price: £18

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