Top Netflix Series, The Crown Season 3

On Our Radar

Arguably one of the best royal TV series to grace our digital fingertips (HIP Hotels certified), The Crown’s third season hit Netflix on November 17th and if you haven’t begun hurtling through each episode — really, what are you waiting for? Since the huge success of the first and second season, this new series has seen a refresh of sorts — a promising recasting which sees Olivia Coleman take the role of an older Queen Elizabeth II, Helena Bonham Carter capturing the splendour of Princess Margaret and Tobias Menzies playing Prince Philip. Spanning the years 1964-77, the series tracks Prince Charles’ movement into the public eye as Prince of Wales, as well as iconic events during this 13 year period of the Queen’s reign, from the Apollo 11 moon landing to the Aberfan Disaster. For a dose of royalty with a splendid helping of dramatisation and for a grand helping of one of the best shows on Netflix, The Crown provides the perfect winter binge-watching.

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