The perfect example of Scandi cool, the colourful creativity of Denmark's capital is just the beginning of this picture-perfect city. Discover the eclectic neighbourhoods of Copenhagen and be mesmerised by its colourful buildings and vibrant atmosphere.

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Previously a Viking fishing village back in the 10th-century, this populous urban city welcomes its travellers with colourful picturesque architecture, a mesmerising canal and eclectic boutiques and cafes - Copenhagen truly is the epitome of cool, calm and sophisticated. From red-tiled medieval roofs to new modern buildings, discover the best-kept secrets this enchanting city has to offer.

Wander through the heart of the capital, Indre By; one of the city's oldest and popular neighbourhoods, and explore the vibrant district of shops, cafes and bars; cruise through the enchanting canals and museums; and enjoy some delicious traditional dishes at the Nyhavn Harbour, the perfect place to relax after a long day of exploring. From Narrow cobbled streets to Michelin-starred restaurants and cosy cafes along the canal, the list of cultural and fun experiences in Copenhagen’s city centre is endless.

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