Overflowing with surprises, Athens is the cosmopolitan heart of Greece and is known as Europe's oldest capital. From the wonderful historical monuments to the pretty scenery, explore this vibrant city and fall in love with everything Athens has to offer.

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The heart and capital of ancient Greece, be enchanted by the 5th-century BC landmarks that dominate the city, including the iconic Parthenon temple and the sacred crown jewel of the Acropolis hilltop temple, and discover the untold secrets of this fascinating city. The birthplace of democracy, home to Plato, Socrates and Aristotle to name a few, walk among the rich cultural and historical past and indulge in this reemerged vibrant cultural hotspot.

Beckoning thousands of curious travellers every year, each of the districts have their own distinct personalities; from Monastiraki to Psiri, be sure to explore the colourful neighbourhood of Plaka, the most picturesque quarter, and wander through its narrow cobbled streets, Neoclassical pastel-coloured houses, outdoor vendors and so much more. In Athens you are spoilt for choice, whether you choose to explore its ancient Greek history or to climb up the top of Mount Lycabettus just to take in the mesmerising views, the creative impulse here has no limits and the array of sites and places to visit will make your Athenian experience unforgettable.

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Theatre of Dionysus
The place where European drama was born, with performances spanning back to the 6th century BC! The theatre hosted the Dionysia Festival, a festival where great dramatists displayed their work and where most classical masterpieces were performed.
Acropolis Museum
Showcasing thousands of artefacts discovered on the archaeological site of the Acropolis, indulge in Greek Ancient history. Built on ancient ruins, the glass panels and open spaces allow you to see the ancient foundations below!
National Garden
The perfect getaway for those who are seeking some greenery after wandering through ancient Greece and the modern sea of concrete. Formerly part of the Royal Palace, the garden has beautiful avenues, a small zoo, a botanical museum and even ancient traces like mosaics and columns.
National Art Gallery - Alexandros Soutsos
Established in 1900, the National Art Gallery is the most important museum for the history of art in Greece. Showcasing over 20,000 Greek and European paintings, sculptures, engravings and other art forms from the 14th to the 20th century, be enchanted by the treasury of Modern Greek artistic creation, cov...

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