When you see the iconic contrast of the gleaming white buildings against the symbolic azure blue waters of the Aegean Sea, you know you are undoubtedly in Santorini.

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The famous Greek Island of Santorini has established strong associations of being Greece's most sophisticated and aesthetic holiday destination, welcoming over 2 million guests each year. If luxury is your thing, the island will provide you with some of the most exclusive hotels and restaurants, with many celebrities frequently visiting the area.
Not many people know that the dramatic cliffs on the island's edge were formed as a result of one of the world's largest volcanic eruptions, which caused Santorini's centre to sink into the Aegean Sea, leaving behind a caldera (or as we would say crater). Nowadays, the appearance of these rocky calderas has become the trademark of the island and has made it one of the world's most photogenic destinations.

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Visit the lesser-known hill-top village of Pyrgos and discover how to true locals live. Known as one of the most charming villages on the island, venture off the beaten track and be enchanted by the stunning views that surround you, indulge in the line of whitewashed homes and go exploring through the wind...
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Prehistoric Town of Akrotiri
Discover the ancient buried city of Akrotiri. This prehistoric settlement is one of the most important sites to visit in the Aegean. As the town was covered in ash following a volcanic eruption on the island, preservation of the settlement is exceptional, making this one of the most significant archaeologi...
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Red beach
The Red beach is one of the most unique beaches in the world, aptly named for the unique colour of its sand. This is one of the most magical and scenic beaches on the island – without a doubt an absolute must-visit! Be sure to take your camera with you so you can capture the beautiful colours of red.

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