Whether your an avid historian, a football fan or an aspiring architect, Barcelona has the aesthetic and atmospheric power to inspire each and every one of its hundreds and thousands of visitors.

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A city 400 years older than the ancient city of Rome, Barcelona has made a name for itself amongst architects thanks to the works you can find dotted around the city that were designed by the famous creator of masterpieces, Antoni Gaudi.
Aside from the architecture, Barcelona is just one of those unbeatably cool and atmospheric cities that you could just spend hours upon end discovering what's behind each street corner. Whilst walking down Las Ramblas, one of Europe's most renowned pedestrianised streets, you will feel a sense of the authentic Spanish energy, with street performers, open-plan tapas bars and a view of the sun setting on the gorgeous Barcelonian beach.
If you want to get a real sense of the Spanish spirit, book tickets to a match in Europe's largest football stadium, Camp Nou, to sit amongst 99,354 fans and collectively cheer on your favourite team.

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CosmoCaixa Barcelona
Everyone loves a good old science museum, so make sure you add this one to your list, especially if travelling with the little ones. Check out the 3D planetarium, the aquarium, the forest exhibition and many others that will shed some light on this amazing world of natural wonders.
ABaC Restaurant & Hotel
Taking the traditional Catalan cuisine and adding a modern and innovative twist, ABAC is an intimate 3 Michelin star restaurant that offers a refined dining experience unparallel to all else.
furniture store
Amato Sole - Furniture & Design
In a world where sustainability is so vital to our survival as a race, shops like Amato Sole, who create all of their furniture and products through the recycling of used materials deserve recognition.
Embark on a culinary exploration at 2 Michelin Star restaurant Lasarte, where every concept you have of a conventional meal will be challenged and altered.
point of interest
Casa Batlló
You simply cannot call yourself a tourist in Barcelona without visiting the stunning Casa Batllo. A masterpiece designed by Antony Gaudi, it is one of the most remarkable examples of Art Nouveau in the world, featuring gorgeous mosaics, oval windows and flowing sculpted stone work.
bicycle store
The cycling shop for graphic designers, Dosventa sells the trendiest bikes in Barcelona, as well as more of the coolest clothing and equipment to go along with them.
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