Enjoying The Summer Months Amid The Coronavirus Outbreak


After more than seven weeks of lockdown here in the UK, last week saw a slight ease in the restrictions that have been in place since the 23rd March, and whether that means you take a sigh of relief or you’re going to continue as before, there’s a certain satisfaction in the realisation that we can begin to enjoy some of the activities that were momentarily withheld from us.

Whilst we may not be able to enjoy the upcoming summer season as we had previously planned, there are still a number of ways to take advantage of the buoyant happiness of a sunny weekend, especially when there are a few venues and outdoor spaces reopening. Whether you’re choosing to stay indoors or venture outside — making sure you’re adhering to the two metre social distancing precautions — we’ve got the lowdown on exactly what you can do to get the most delight out of the future months.

Exercise to your heart’s content

There is now no limit on the amount of leisurely time or exercise you can spend outdoors, so theoretically, you can begin spending a lot more time outside, keeping in mind the appropriate safety measures. Exercising outside can either be taken alone, with members of your household, or with one other person from another household, but if that is the case, this must be at a two metre distance. You can now drive to other places in England in order to spend more of an extended period of time outside, such as a beach or a park, to give those legs an extra stretch!

Whilst indoor gyms and venues are remaining closed, the relaxation of the restriction of going outside is a huge relief for those of us who may have been feeling too confined the last couple of months — now you can get that recommended daily step count in once again — remaining vigilant and staying alert, of course. Here’s hoping the sun shows its face for the upcoming bank holiday weekend!

Golfing, tennis and basketball are back

It’s time to dust off those golf clubs, tennis rackets and basketballs — as of Wednesday 13th of May, these sporting facilities are open to the public once again. Whilst you won’t be able to get the entire extended family together for a sporting tournament, you can play some doubles tennis with other members of your household, or with one other person from a separate household, keeping two metres apart at all times. Although it may not be the carefree bank holiday weekend you had wished for, it’s at least a chance to spend as much time outside as you desire.

Enjoy the beauty of England’s National Parks

The National Trust announced that many car parks across its national parks in the UK would be opening from Wednesday 13th May. However, you should be cautious when making the decision to drive to some of the UK’s best known beauty spots, like Durdle Door in Dorset, the Lake District, and Ilkley Moor in Bradford. The official National Parks website is urging travellers to stay alert and thus be flexible to the possibility that parks and seafronts may be too busy to visit since the easing of this measure. Remember to always stay 2 metres apart from others outside of your household, stay kind to other visitors and National Parks employees, and we will all get to share in the beauty of Mother Nature’s gifts in full bloom.

Click here to visit the National Parks UK website.

It’s time to revamp your garden

Have you been planning on transforming your outside space? Perhaps your garden needs an instant lift with some vibrant flowers or maybe it’s more of a makeover you had in mind — now all of your revamping dreams can come true, as garden centres across the UK are being permitted to open their doors once more to the public. This really has come at a pivotal moment, when we are still being encouraged to stay alert, and stay home as much as we possibly can, but understandably, we may be running out of activities to occupy our time. Just like supermarkets, social distancing measures will be in place to be as safe as possible and you should stay vigilant when travelling to these venues, queueing and shopping.

Enjoy a socially-distanced picnic

Although we are still being urged to see as few people as possible from outside of our household, under the new guidance, meeting up with one person at a time who we do not live with, at a social distance of 2 metres, is permitted, yet consideration should be taken at all times. Under these new rules, hypothetically, you can enjoy a distanced picnic with friends at different times, and only ever with one other person from outside of your household. For all of us, but especially those living alone, this is a great way to get back in touch with your social circle, which can be both beneficial for your mental health and a chance to spend a more elongated time outdoors. Why not try your hand at baking and bring some homemade goods to indulge in as you sit and soak up the sun.

DIY food kits

Whilst not included in the new lockdown adjustments, we couldn’t help but include this foodie update in our lowdown of things to do this spring and summer.

When it comes to food, how can we make anything that is going to compare to the scrumptious dishes of our favourite restaurants? Well, it is now very likely that your favourite restaurant is offering a DIY food kit, so you can recreate their culinary specialties from the comfort of your own kitchen. Included in the mix is the sourdough pizzeria, Pizza Pilgrims, who are offering nationwide deliveries of their frying pan pizza kits which come with 48-hour proved dough balls, marinara sauce, Fior Di Latte, olive oil, fresh basil and parmesan, or how about the Patty & Bun kit, which comes with four burgers and all the trimmings — vegan options available. For when that restaurant-standard food craving kicks in, these convenient kits go down a real treat.

Whether you’re searching for activities to keep you occupied indoors or will be taking this opportunity to increase your quota of time spent outside, with the new lockdown rules, it has been made possible to bring a bit of extra joy into our daily lives. Enjoy it, don’t take it for granted and continue to stay safe!