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Owner's Stories

If this past year has taught us anything, it’s that the connections we have with others, and the world at large, are the most valuable things in life. The creator and host behind OMHOM, the charming little hotel hidden within the winding streets of Trebiano, couldn’t agree more.

Luca Palmero Scatena’s journey to hotelier began some 20 years ago when he decided to take a sommelier course, just for the fun of it. His motive? To learn about the unique story that lies behind every bottle of wine.

“Storytelling has always been important to me. I think our identity, our value, resides in our history, therefore it becomes essential to tell that story well.”

From sommelier to chef, Luca progressed from the kitchen at La Sosta di Ottone, a small boutique hotel in Levanto, to working alongside some of the great masters in Michelin-starred restaurants. En route, he found his true calling: to open his own small hotel — a dream that was to come to fruition just five years later when OMHOM opened its doors in 2018.

Working in the kitchens taught Luca that genuine hospitality begins by welcoming your guests. OMHOM quite literally presents guests with the truest sense of home away from home; with the Vista Suite being Luca’s own home from 2003 to 2016. Even the name (Om: the union of mind, body and spirit) in which to feel at home (Hom), is a reminder. Hospitality permeates through everything Luca does and everything the hotel stands for. The guests arrive as strangers and leave as friends. Luca and his team are proud to offer a level of service unparalleled anywhere else. They don’t just go the extra mile, they go the extra 100. Each guest’s stay is tailored well before they arrive — from the very first email to personal web-calls, every detail is meticulously planned.

Human connection isn’t the only thing you can look forward to at this Italian Riviera retreat. Comprising of two romantic suites set behind the picturesque Cinque Terre, a stay at OMHOM is a nostalgic step back in time to slow living, and a love for all that is traditional and authentic. Local artists and craftsmen were brought in to decorate the spaces, and every detail reflects the story of the people behind them; from the dishes that date back across four generations of Luca’s family to the old carpenter’s cabinet transformed into a sink. Luca’s love of storytelling also extends to his guests, all of which leave with The Travel Diary (a Transformational Travel Journal), recalling the beautiful memories enjoyed here that will hopefully shape the story of their lives too.

“He who returns from a journey is not the same as he who left.”

This ancient Chinese proverb perfectly encapsulates the philosophy behind this dreamy hideaway — travel is an experience that can also change and enrich our lives. If we view travel as a privilege, we understand that with it comes responsibility. The world is marked by our footsteps, so let us ensure we tread lightly, and respectfully. Guests are encouraged to travel consciously, heralding a new dawn in travel.

The true essence of connection — one of honest human exchanges that include respect, kindness, trust and generosity, is no more apparent than in the pricing. OMHOM offers guests an economic exchange unlike any other — there is no set ‘charge’ for the rooms. Instead, guests have the option to pay according to their means, and by setting their own value on the experience, each guest’s payment becomes a gift to the next. This unique ‘paying it forwards’ strategy offers economic transparency which translates to responsibility and fairness “We strive to restore a sincere human relationship between host and guest, one that is not solely based on an economic exchange; but an authentic relationship which is emotionally, psychologically and culturally involving and satisfying.”

So whether you come for the peaceful setting, the exceptional hospitality, the indulgent spa, or simply a step back to a simpler and more meaningful time, a stay at OMHOM is like entering a secret garden; finding yourself in a magical place no one else knows about. Free at last to just be, and bask in the pure joy, peace and human connection you have been yearning for.

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