Dimore Gallery, The Milan Art Exhibition You Need To Visit

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Less is certainly not more at the decadently luxurious Milanese Dimore Gallery. Maintaining a dialogue between past and present, the design duo, formed of Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran, create impressively illustrious installations of familiar pieces that see a contemporary update with innovative flair, inspired by old paintings, iconic designs and fashion. Stepping inside the gallery presents a sensory escape like no other — like wandering through our own private apartment undisturbed, with a distinctive scent and soundtrack serenading us every step of the way — our favourite being Air by Alpha Beta Gaga. The gallery captures your imagination, truly allowing each and every visitor to absorb the very essence of each individual design piece — its material, colour, form and contemporary resonance. Earlier this year saw all eyes on the artistic duo at Milan Design Week, so there really is no better time than now to venture into the fashion capital and have yourself a creativity-fuelled afternoon.

Where: Milan, Italy

When: 11am-7pm. Closed Sunday and Monday

Favourite piece: The diamond-esque screen panel structure with pivoting rhomboidal elements in mirror and glossy lacquered wood with natural brass frame.

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