Hong Kong Travel: Christmas

Travel Journal

Although now probably isn’t the best time to visit Hong Kong, we couldn’t resist exploring this bustling urban city that has been renowned for so long, during the Christmas period. Every year, the arrival of Christmas is marked by a sparkling 18-metre tall Christmas tree in Statue Square, not just a site for recent rallies but a historically important landmark of Hong Kong. Home to some of the best food in the world, this trip took our taste buds on a tantalising journey. Sampling anything from Dim Sum and Angus steak to authentic Japanese dipping ramen and Vietnamese pho — one dish that truly stood out for us were the bubble waffles. They originated from Hong Kong and are absolutely delicious! From mesmerising walks along Nathan Road (one of the many streets illuminated by vibrant neon signs), countless shopping sprees in the bustling shopping district of Mong Kok, panoramic night views of the iconic skyscrapers decorated with animated festive lights from the famous Victoria Peak and indulging in stylish local handicrafts in PMQ, an art and design centre housed in a listed building, we decided to take a challenging hike up Pat Sin Leng (literally meaning Mountain of Eight Fairies) comprised of eight peaks. From here, we overlooked the breathtaking views of the clear blue waters of Polo Harbour and Plover Cove Reservoir — it was truly magical!

Duration: 7 days

Handy tip: Remember to get an Octopus card — simply top it up and use it on all public transport and to pay for your purchases at convenience stores.

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