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Drake Bay Getaway

Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Are you daring and craving some adventure in your life? Nothing compares to the ethereal thrill of the rainforests. A natural marvel in its entirety, the very heart of our breathing beating world. Visit Drake Bay Getaway Resort for a natural rejuvenation.

Rainforest Reigns All

With miles of nearly deserted beaches either side, palm trees, sun & sea, you’ll feel like you’ve reached your very own paradise. Lux lodges and cabins rise above the rainforest floor as you hang in hammocks in the thick of the canopy.

The Location

It’s the perfect spot to begin your expedition into the wild rainforests of Costa Rica. With views over the stunning Drake Bay, set amongst luscious, tropical greenery sits Drake Bay Getaway Resort. Romantic, quiet and beautiful, it’s the perfect destination for some much-deserved R&R!

The Rooms

As a commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly development, all cabins are kept cool using natural methods: Wooden floors echo the miles of verdant rainforest outside, whilst modern amenities help you feel right at home.

Nibbles & Tipples

Rain showers in the bathrooms have panoramic views of the wild scenery that surrounds you. With balcony views over the bay and the mountains, the sunset is even more breathtaking from here.

Enjoy the deliciously fresh ingredients at the famous Drake Bay Cafe. Indulge in the traditional Costa Rican menu, combined with a mixture of modern flavours and impeccable presentation.

God is in the details

Mountains, sea, rainforest, beaches and trees surround Drake Bay Getaway Resort - the perfect tropical getaway!


Drake Bay, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
Osa Peninsula - Costa Rica

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