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Casa Chameleon Las Catalinas

Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Luxury adults-only boutique lodging in Costa Rica with an admirably distinctive touch. 21 villas boasting contemporary minimalism, overlooking Sugar and Penca beaches, the Guanacaste coast or the Catalinas islands, combine to truly immerse you in the gems of nature that Central America beholds. Romance is the name of the game, with an impressive saltwater infinity pool and spine-tingling panorama sunsets to fill your days with joy.

A sanctuary in a storybook town

Prepare yourself for surreal solitude and relaxation with a romantic detachment from the hubbub of the rest of the world. Let the hotel organise signature experiences personalised just for you and rejoice in this endearing, lesser known corner of Costa Rica.

The Location

Situated in the decade old town of Las Catalinas and along the pristine Guanacaste peninsula, the area's upscale Mediterranean style is refreshing although already highly experienced in the art of catering to its visitors. The prohibition of vehicles make for an easy-going, free-thinking atmosphere, with a host of walkable streets and plazas.

The Rooms

The Casa Chameleon offers some of the most unbeatable room types for its guests: from plunge pools, unprecedented views as a standard, vertical rock fountains and rain showers with coral floors, to larger terraces in prime locations on the hillside; you're in for that extra bit of private luxury.

Nibbles & Tipples

Sentido Norte with its Buddha statues and artistic sunsets, is a cliffside haven of dining dreams. Select from the very best of coastal Costa Rican cuisine with sea-and-farm-to-table ingredients in every plateful and glassful. Why not try the tropical pancakes for breakfast and the octopus and mussels for dinner?

Enjoy day-time or sunset beverages and new world wines, with an unrivalled ocean expanse as your backdrop for a truly vida vibe. Now this is what it's like to be alive.

God is in the details

The views at Casa Chameleon at Las Catalinas are nothing if not soul-stirring. Whether you're opting for the mountain pose on the third-floor yoga deck, floating in your private plunge pool, or fine dining, the hill-top perspectives over the vast Pacific and beyond to the endless acres of tropical forests and valleys will leave you longing to return.


From soccer field in Potrero 4 kilometers north, Playa Danta,
Guanacaste - Costa Rica

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Stay Longer & Save - Discover the up-and-coming beach town of Las Catalinas and stay at the wondrous Casa Chameleon, perched on the Guanacaste coast. It’s a charming oasis, offering miraculous panoramic views of the sunset every night and now, guests can save this season. Save up to 45% off across stays, from 25% off 1 or 2 nights to 45% off 4 nights or more. Book your Costa Rican adventure today!
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