Rediscovering Nature: HIP Hiking Trails to Explore This Spring


As spring breathes new life into the world, there's no better time to reconnect with nature and embark on an adventure that invigorates the soul. Imagine waking up to the crisp mountain air or the gentle rustle of leaves in a lush forest. Now, picture yourself traversing scenic hiking trails, each step leading to awe-inspiring vistas and moments of profound tranquillity. This spring, escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and rediscover the beauty of the great outdoors with a stay at one of these HIP (Highly Individual Places) Hotels, strategically nestled amidst some of the world's most breathtaking landscapes. So lace up your boots and let the beauty of the great outdoors rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit!

Schönherr Haus

Neustift im Stubaital, Austria

Nestled amidst the majestic Austrian Alps, Schonherr Haus beckons nature enthusiasts to find solace in the embrace of the mountains. Situated in the heart of the Stubai Valley, this enchanting alpine retreat offers direct access to a labyrinth of picturesque hiking trails that meander through lush meadows and snow-dusted peaks. Whether you're an avid mountaineer seeking exhilarating heights or a leisurely stroller revelling in the serene vistas, the diverse terrain caters to all skill levels, promising unforgettable experiences amidst an unrivalled backdrop of natural beauty. Discover the wonder of countless paths winding through the vibrant landscapes of the Stubai Alps, each bearing prestigious mountain paths, ensuring a remarkable journey awaits. And for those craving a dash of adventure, the region boasts numerous challenges via ferratas to conquer. Delve deeper into our daily hiking tips and unearth a new trail to explore with every sunrise, promising boundless opportunities for discovery and delight.


Crans-Montana, Switzerland

Perched at a lofty altitude of 2,112m above sea level, Chetzeron stands as a testament to transformation, once a cable car station, now reborn as a boutique hotel offering unrivalled vistas of the Rhone Valley and the majestic Swiss Alps. Step beyond your threshold and into a realm of natural splendour, where a network of hiking trails awaits, weaving through alpine meadows, glacial lakes, and rugged peaks. From leisurely nature strolls to heart-pounding mountain biking excursions, Chetzeron caters to outdoor enthusiasts of all persuasions, providing an ideal playground amidst the Swiss Alps. Embark on the hotel's favoured hike, a scenic 4-hour journey via Bella Lui and the Violet Hut, navigating a terrain of approximately 600m in elevation. Alternatively, discover a myriad of other summer hiking trails that unfold around Chetzeron, each promising its own unique charm and adventure. Whether seeking tranquillity amidst alpine vistas or thrilling escapades amidst nature's grandeur, Chetzeron invites you to immerse yourself in the beauty and excitement of the Swiss Alps.

The Kumaon

Almora, India

Enveloped by dense oak and pine forests, The Kumaon offers sweeping vistas of the snow-capped Himalayas, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the unparalleled beauty of the natural landscape of the picturesque Kumaon region. With access to an extensive network of hiking trails that wind through terraced fields, remote villages, and ancient temples, adventurers are beckoned to explore the untamed wilderness of the Indian Himalayas. For those seeking a taste of adventure, the hotel offers a selection of 4-6 hour excursions, including the invigorating Waterfall Hike, leading to a breathtaking cascade where adventurous souls can cool off beneath its refreshing spray. Alternatively, embark on the Shokiyathal to Jhakersem trek, traversing dense oak and cedar forests to reach a lesser-visited yet exquisitely beautiful temple. Or set out on the majestic Binsar to Jageshwar hike, winding through diverse arboreal zones from oak and rhododendron forests to magical cedar groves, culminating at the revered Jageshwar temple complex dedicated to Lord Shiva. Each excursion promises an unforgettable journey through the enchanting landscapes and rich cultural heritage of the Indian Himalayas.

Hotel Platz

South Tyrol, Italy

Hotel Platz offers a serene sanctuary amidst the breathtaking alpine landscape of South Tyrol. Enveloped by the majestic peaks of the Dolomites, this charming family-run hotel serves as a gateway to a world of natural wonders. Guests can easily access a network of hiking trails that wind through verdant forests, pristine valleys, and picturesque alpine meadows, providing endless opportunities for exploration and discovery. The true highlight of Hotel Platz lies in its unparalleled proximity to the Seiser Alm, where guests can embark on a scenic hike along the romantic Pufler Gorge, immersing themselves in the invigorating mountain air and the soothing melodies of nature. Within just 60 minutes, reach the Seiser Alm and treat yourself to a well-deserved glass of red wine and South Tyrolean bacon at one of the cosy refuges. Additionally, guests can partake in guided hiking excursions led by knowledgeable local guides, offering the chance to explore the hidden gems of the Seiser Alm holiday region away from the crowds, ensuring an unforgettable vacation experience filled with tranquillity and natural beauty.

Sensoria Dolomites

South Tyrol, Italy

Indulge in the abundance of experiences awaiting you in South Tyrol—where time slows, traffic fades, and appointments become a distant memory. Here, amidst the grandeur of the Dolomites, a world of adventure unfolds. Your journey begins at the luxurious eco-resort Sensoria Dolomites, where relaxation and self-discovery intertwine. Set out on excursions across the region, where every step leads to new vistas and revelations. Whether hiking, climbing, mountain biking, or partaking in the restorative practice of forest bathing, immerse yourself in the untouched beauty of the Dolomites. Surrounded by lush forests, serene alpine meadows, and towering peaks, this sustainable sanctuary offers direct access to some of the region's most picturesque hiking trails. Whether you seek the tranquillity of a leisurely stroll or the thrill of a challenging ascent, Sensoria Dolomites serves as your ideal basecamp for exploration, allowing you to reconnect with the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world.

Casa Chameleon Las Catalinas

Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Casa Chameleon Las Catalinas offers an indulgent retreat nestled in the heart of Costa Rica's Guanacaste province. Venture into the lush embrace of tropical rainforests on guided hikes, where each step unveils a world teeming with exotic wildlife, cascading waterfalls, and breathtaking ocean vistas. Whether you're in search of thrilling adventures or tranquil relaxation, this eco-conscious resort seamlessly combines natural splendour with personalised service, promising an unforgettable journey to paradise. Explore the wonders of the Hanging Bridges & Sloth Hike, tracing the base of the Tenorio Volcano through a captivating 2.5km trek. Traverse three suspended bridges amidst the lush canopy of primary and secondary forests, immersing yourself in the diverse ecosystems that converge within this vibrant rainforest sanctuary. For those craving exhilarating experiences, Las Catalinas boasts over 22km of trails accessible from town, offering sweeping panoramas and exhilarating adventures whether hiking or biking.

Luxury Desert Camp

Oman, Muscat

Indulge in the captivating allure of Oman's desert landscape with a stay at Luxury Desert Camp, an oasis of opulence nestled amidst the undulating sands of the Wahiba Sands. This extraordinary tourist destination promises an unparalleled encounter with the natural splendour and cultural richness of the Omani desert, offering an array of lavish accommodations, entertainment, and authentic desert experiences designed to enchant visitors. Thrill-seekers can partake in adrenaline-pumping activities such as camel rides, desert excursions, sand biking, and even sand skiing, while those seeking cultural immersion can engage in folk dances and Omani tea ceremonies. As the sun sets over the horizon, retreat to your luxurious tent and marvel at the star-studded sky, a testament to the vastness and wonder of the natural world.

Santre Dolomythic Home

South Tyrol, Italy

Journey to the captivating village of San Cassiano and uncover the hidden treasure that awaits at Santre Dolomythic Home. Step outside and immerse yourself in a world of pristine forests, crystalline streams, and rugged mountain peaks, where each twist and turn unveils a new marvel of nature waiting to be discovered. Whether you seek thrilling adventure or serene relaxation, Santre strikes the perfect balance of comfort, tranquillity, and natural splendour. The walking trails of the Plose and throughout the Isarco Valley offer unforgettable experiences. Whether you yearn to witness the sunrise from a summit or crave breathtaking panoramic views, the choice is yours. Included in your stay, you'll receive complimentary weekly hikes led by experienced guide Alexander, catering to all levels of difficulty. Additionally, take advantage of free rental of poles and backpacks, and convenient transfers by hotel bus to the starting points of your adventures. Prepare to fall in love at first sight with the beauty of nature, as you embark on a journey of exploration and wonder in the embrace of the Dolomites.

Paraíso Escondido

Alentejo, Portugal

Immerse yourself in the unspoiled splendour of Portugal's Alentejo region with a retreat at Paraíso Escondido, a boutique haven nestled amidst the rolling hills and cork oak forests. Lace up your hiking boots and embark on a journey to uncover the hidden treasures of this rural paradise, from ancient hilltop villages to secluded beaches lining the rugged Atlantic coast. Traverse the undulating landscape and immerse yourself in the region's rich tapestry of history, culture, and gastronomy, where each step unveils a new facet of Portugal's enchanting countryside. At your doorstep lies the renowned Rota Vicentina, boasting 750km of walking paths along the South West Coast of Portugal. Choose between The Historical Way, offering inland walks through picturesque villages and countryside, or The Fishermen’s Trail, where cliff-top walks reveal breathtaking views of the ocean. For those seeking more adventurous pursuits, options abound, from surfing and canoeing to horseback riding and tours of Alentejo wineries, ensuring an unforgettable escape infused with serenity, exploration, and rejuvenation.

Serras Andorra

Soldeu, Andorra

Nestled in the heart of Andorra's charming capital, Serras Andorra presents a haven of urban luxury amidst the breathtaking Pyrenees Mountains. Set forth to explore the myriad trails that crisscross this rugged landscape, offering scenic routes along mountain ridges and tranquil paths leading to hidden lakes and cascading waterfalls. Hiking in Andorra is a journey of unparalleled discovery, with its awe-inspiring landscapes ranging from towering peaks to verdant valleys and crystalline lakes, each step unveiling a new natural wonder. With over 60 peaks and an extensive network of trails catering to all levels of experience, from novice explorers to seasoned hikers, there's an adventure waiting for everyone. Immerse yourself in the raw beauty of nature, breathe in the crisp mountain air, and find serenity amidst the tranquillity of the mountains—a rejuvenating experience for the soul. Additionally, delve into thrilling excursions that define Andorra's summer allure, such as the exhilarating walk across the Tibetan bridge, offering breathtaking views and an adrenaline-inducing crossing suspended over the abyss. For unparalleled panoramic vistas, don't miss the Mirador Roc del Quer, where you can gaze out over the lush valleys and towering peaks stretching to the horizon!

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