The Dolomites mountain range is home to the most beautiful, unspoiled landscapes with vertical walls, steep cliffs, numerous rivers, lakes and valleys.

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Solidly impressive giants, The Dolomites are a UNESCO site due to the unbeatable aesthetic richness of the landscapes and their scientific value for geology and geomorphology studies.

The Dolomites welcome the visitor in any season. Springtime offers the chance to listen to singing streams and rest on uncontaminated green slopes where you can easily meet cows, goats and horses. Who is whistling in the distance? It must be the marmot calling its companion.
Not to be missed are the gastronomic specialities of the territory like the wide range of mountain cheese and other traditional food prepared in the typical wooden alms.
When Winter comes, the mountains get covered in a white soft mantle turning the landscape into a fairy tale scenario. Not only professional skiers but also beginners and children can have great fun descending the slopes or conscientiously going off-piste if in seeking for more adrenaline.

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Museum Marmolada Great War 3000 M
Located at 2950 metres above the sea level, at the foot of an actual glacier, this is the highest museum in Europe. Exciting artefacts and pictures of battles held at the Dolomites, are complimented by the extraordinary panoramic views.
Messner Mountain Museum Firmian
If a 7 km track might sound challenging, we would still insist it's 100% worth it. However, there is always the shuttle as a second option. We bet the photographer in you will find inspiration here, resulting in some incredible panoramic photos of the Dolomites and, of course, you will also love the tranqu...
Museo Muse
The Science Museum building was designed by Renzo Piano and opened in 2013. In five years it attracted over 3 million visitors. It contains a complete skeleton of a Dilophosaurus as many other prehistoric discoveries. Great for families and kids.
Interested in e ancient myths and legends of the Dolomites area? Here you'll find all your answers. Did anyone say "dinosaurs"? Yes, you'll get to see the remains of some impressive ones at the DoloMythos and also admire the incredible scenery. A win-win situation.

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