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Hotel & Restaurant Bad Schörgau

South Tyrol, Italy

Escape the urban lifestyle for this alpine-spirited hideaway, tucked within the Val Sarentino valley. Managed by the positively accommodating Wenter family, wander at your leisure into the inviting wellness spa with wood-heated hot-tubs, outdoor sauna and swimming pool, sure to make your personalised stay as serene as possible. On site is michelin-starred, Gourmet Restaurant Alpes; indulge in exquisite cuisine with distinctive and delectable flavours. Indulge, unwind, rejuvenate.

Alpine Haven

With a strong focus on a family-run atmosphere, you are invited to explore this immersive retreat, nestled in the Val Sarentino valley. All rooms are crafted and delicately furnished with the alpine aesthetics of the surroundings in mind, with a 16th-century style.

The Location

Fall in love with Bad Schörgau's vision to reconnect the visitor with the spirit and vitality of the undulating valley and forge an unforgettable sensory attachment to the resort's charm. Offering its guests an alpine adventure, discover its many attributes: mountain biking and hiking through the Sarentino valley, re-energising yourself in the natural surroundings, satisfying your taste buds with gourmet food and trying your hand at creating traditional handicrafts.

The Rooms

Alpine-inspired features adorn the interior of the rooms, encouraging you to feel connected to the organic surroundings. Natural materials meld with modern reinterpretations, establishing a truly spacious and refreshing area, creating your home away from home.

Nibbles & Tipples

Michelin-star chef, Egon Heiss, heads the renowned Gourmet Restaurant where you can expect fine, award-winning cuisine, incorporating some of the world's famous delicacies with a characteristic and distinctive twist. Guests have the opportunity to experience cooking lessons with the chef himself.

Lose yourself in the wondrous stories that the wine cellar has to offer, boasting 400 bottles of only the finest flavours. Gregor, of the Wenter family, will be happy to enthusiastically transport through the worldly origins of the wines.

God is in the details

Gaze out onto the vast alpine Val Sarentino valley and breathe in the comforting earthly fragrances of the natural world that surrounds you. A perfect view for reflection, Bad Schörgau offers tremendous views of mountainous summits, humble villages and refreshing, cool blue lakes.


Putzen-Pozza, 24
South Tyrol - Italy

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