Insider's Guide: What Makes Our Hotel's HIP?


Looking to discover your ultimate HIP Hotel to retreat to, however you’re not sure where to start? Well let us give you some insider information of some of our exclusive hotels from the collection...

HIP stands for Highly Individual Places – a must for every property that joins HIP Hotels. They’re unique, characterful and charming, encompassing the reason to travel, to explore the unknown and to discover hidden gems. From hotels with over 200 rooms, to quaint private farmhouses, our properties make travel exciting, rewarding and completely unforgettable!

So, to inspire you a little further to start planning your next getaway after these uncertain times, we thought we would turn to our members to gain their opinions on what makes their hotel HIP. From an eco hotel floating amongst the treetops of the Dolomite Mountains to an elegantly grand lakeside property with over 100 years of history, take a look at some insider quotes on the HIP-ness of their hotels to help inspire you to start travelling again…

Boutique Hotel Villa Sostaga - Lake Garda, Italy

“Villa Sostaga is the expression of history, authenticity and individuality. We think there is nothing more HIP than being truly unique.”

Perched on the edge of Lake Garda atop a hill surrounded by 99 acres of beautifully manicured gardens, Boutique Hotel Villa Sostaga is the ultimate romantic getaway. This 19th-century hunting lodge that was once the stately summer residence of Count Giuseppe Feltrinelli, is formed of 19 individually decorated rooms that give off an air of aristocratic excellence, exuding sophisticated country charm. Brimming with classic furnishings, delicious fabrics and vibrant colours that hark back to its storied past, each of the rooms are unmistakably Italian, offering both lake and park views, with outstanding natural lighting that pours in to highlight the intricate details of the suites. Villa Sostaga is a space of brightness, silence, intimacy, relaxation and endless charm – sounds dreamy right?

Tantalise your tastebuds with some traditional cuisine carefully prepared by Chef Gianfranco Pugliese amid the most idyllic panoramic backdrop, savour a glass or two of wine from the hotel’s wine cellar that’s home to over 400 Italian and international vintages, enjoy a selection of Ayurvedic beauty treatments in the hotels private spa and dive into the pool under the intense blue sky. If you’re searching for the perfect Italian getaway with the most awe-inspiring views, then look no further than Boutique Hotel Villa Sostaga – it’s location makes it the most idyllic fairytale setting!

Lake House - Daylesford, Australia

“We always strive for an undeniable sense of place. From the curation of interiors to the creation of bespoke experiences, everything should be a shining example of our beautiful region.”

Escape to Australia’s charming shores of Lake Daylesford and discover the wonderful creation of two visionaries, chef Alla Wolf-Tasker and artist husband Allan. Home to lakes, waterfalls, pristine bush and Australia’s largest array of mineral springs, Lake House manages to transport you to an oasis of utter calm. Planting Daylesford on the map with their gastronomically exceptional restaurant in 1984, the duo have since added 33 magnificent suites to their stunning Lake House, perfectly designed for those seeking a slower pace of life. Expose your sense to spaces of pure luxury and indulgence with waterfront suites that allow you to marvel at the magnificence of Lake Daylesford. If you’re looking to be a little more secluded, the Spa Villa and Atrium Villa provide that little extra privacy with sunlit decks overlooking the stunning gardens.

Be enticed by beautifully rustic views over Lake Daylesford and its surrounding greenery and slow down to the rhythm of blissful life here at Lake House. Take to one of the many outdoor terraces, delve into the manu nature-based activities followed by a glass of wine by the fire in the Argyle Library Bar, and rejoice at the beauty of sculptures and artwork from the region's top artists. The wonderment of Lake House will be all you need to be convinced to stay here!

Hotel Heureka - Venice, Italy

“Hotel Heureka combines the comfort of a boutique hotel, the intimate atmosphere of a home and the magical beauty of a 16th-century Venetian palazzo. The hotel interiors are a fascinating mosaic of the styles that give each space a highly original and unique look!”

Where ancient architecture meets modern design, Hotel Heureka is dripping with elegance. Situated within one of the most vibrant districts of Venice, this opulent hotel encompasses the true atmosphere of The Floating City. The unique, multi-dimensional Italian design that’s gone into this luxury canal-side property is truly spectacular. From prestigious bathrooms to lavishly baroque furnishings that has encapsulated the perfect essence of this 16th-century palazzo, check yourself into one of their ten rooms or suites that have been designed with their own characters and identities, and indulge in the eclectic wallpapers, stunning four-poster beds and exclusive fabrics designed by Lacroix and Rubelli that fill them. Did we forget to mention that you can also relax in your very own freestanding bathtub in your room?!

Marvel at the glittering Murano chandeliers that fill the hotel, enjoy an exclusive cocktail or two from the flamboyant bar in the treasured palazzo garden and let the charm of Hotel Heureka captivate you – this truly is your perfect HIP Venetian stay.

CHETZERON - Crans-Montana, Switzerland

“Chetzeron is an exceptional, timeless establishment that allows you to recharge your batteries thanks to its unique architecture and exceptional location in the heart of the Swiss Alps.”

Ultimate seclusion awaits you in the heart of the Swiss Alpine peaks. If you’re looking for somewhere to escape from it all, CHETZERON is an utterly chic converted cable car station that induces a peaceful and luxurious feeling over 2000 meters above sea level. With minimalist design and immense walls of glass that ensure you can take in all the mountain majesty, this HIP hotel offers the most incredible views of the Rhône Valley and the majestic Alpine peaks from the Matterhorn to Mont Blanc. There really is no need for artwork when the living landscape is the decor of your entire stay!

Designed by Lausanne-based Actescollectifs Architectes, the landscape has been built into the décor, perfectly framed by giant picture windows to best showcase the rugged surrounding mountains. Retreat to the hotel restaurant to experience the best example of this and be prepared for an unforgettable dining experience. For the finest view of them all, make your way up to the roof and dive into the heated pool as you immerse yourself in complete seclusion. Each of the 16 stunning rooms are named after a summit and feature warm wooden paneling, plush robes and of course, sublime views – even from the bathrooms! The quiet and serene atmosphere at CHETZERON allows those looking for the ultimate escape to truly experience the meaning of pure magnificence. So, what are you waiting for?

Hotel Savoy Grado - Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy

“We think that a hotel, or a house more in general, tells a lot about the people who live and work there. And if you manage to put an idea together and make it clear to your guests, then you have a HIP hotel. At the Hotel Savoy in Grado, we not only pay attention to the details; from the book selection you find in the hall, to the music or simply feeling the vibes, but we believe that everything should be consistent and it’s a hard-to-achieve balance between tradition and innovation, professionalism of the staff and familiarity, elegance and extravagance. And, this year more than ever, HIP means of course good design but sustainability and safety as well.”

Elegance and superior hospitality is truly emphasised at this charming hotel. Situated in the northeast of Italy within the stunning wine region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Hotel Savoy Grado encourages guests to treat the entire space as their own private home. Think wide and bright spaces with fresh flowers and local art adorning the walls, vibrant yet sophisticated furnishings, a 1000-metre-squared beauty club and spa, saltwater pools and a private area on Grado’s beach – sounds like the perfect place to retreat to, right?

If you’re looking for a vacation in the lesser-known part of Italy, filled with delicious foods, fine wines and complete relaxation, Hotel Savoy Grado truly is the perfect place. This elegant home away from home has an aura of tranquility and wellbeing that is encapsulated in every single space. With stunning rooms overlooking the Schiusa Canal and the beautiful gardens, each of the 80 rooms are flooded with natural light and neutral palettes with a pop of colour, you’ll be left feeling completely refreshed!

Hotel Goldgasse - Salzburg, Austria

“In largely featuring scenes of the famous Salzburg festival in our rooms, we do make our guests part of this spirit and emotionally feel what is special about a city where art is so much part of it.”

Where classic meets modern design, discover the unique Hotel Goldgasse. Nestled on a narrow historical street in the heart of the charming Old Town of Salzburg, this boutique hotel is a one-of-a-kind and will inspire you with its eclectic charm and design the moment you step inside. Once a 16th-century coppersmith's workshop, now a stylish boutique hotel, be inspired by the eclectic charm and design that fills the halls – you’ll find intriguing details absolutely everywhere!

This eclectic hotel is completely dedicated to the famous Salzburg Festival. Formed of 16 individually decorated rooms and suites, indulge in the bold prints of opera, concert and festival performances that adorn the walls and be inspired by the successful symbiosis of modern Italian design and ancient vaulted architecture though the historic stucco. Not to mention showings of The Sound of Music is pre-loaded in each room for guests’ arrivals – you truly are spoilt for choice here at Hotel Goldgasse while you fully immerse yourself in the art and history of Salzburg.

CasaBurano and Venissa Wine Resort - Venice, Italy

“Venissa and CasaBurano represent a vision of hospitality that is conscious, custodial, and culture-rich. We offer an authentic immersion in the cultural and natural landscapes of Native Venice through experiences that put our guests in touch with local traditions, flavours and landscapes. We believe this to be totally HIP – it’s the future.”

Venissa and CasaBurano are an experience unlike any other. Anyone who has visited Venice can attest to its charm and beauty but at times the volume of tourists can get too much – this is where Mazzorbo and Burano truly shine. Nestled in the northern part of the Venetian lagoon, these two unique hotels will leave you completely spellbound.

Housed within its own walled vineyard on the island of Mazzorbo, Venissa is a Michelin-starred wine retreat set in a charming old manor house that allows guests to witness a different kind of Venice altogether. This elegant old manor house is surrounded by two hectares of vineyards and gardens with just six lovingly decorated bedrooms and is the ultimate boutique for the perfectly intimate escape. Venissa is the perfect place to not only get away from all the bustling tourist traps, but it’s the perfect place for some delicious Italian wine tasting. If you’re a wine lover, this is clearly paradise, but even if you’re not, the magic, aroma and history of this enchanting hotel will truly inspire you.

CasaBurano on the other hand is an exquisite rainbow haven. Characterised by the slow essence of life on Burano, this charming hotel shimmers in its vibrancy on what many know as the rainbow-coloured island! Minimalist interiors with quirky design pieces highlight the eccentricity of the surroundings and is the perfect home-away-from-home. CasaBurano has collaborated with local artisans and designers, giving each and every one of their suites its own personality; from Moroso chairs to mosaic tiles, everything about this hotel is truly enchanting!

Monsieur Jean, L'hôte Particulier - Québec, Canada

“Monsieur Jean l’Hôte Particulier is unique with a personality and has an independent spirit. Fun and funky, trendy and offbeat. The Art deco, mid-century interior design leaves every guest speechless. Located in the lively, up-and -coming Old Quebec city, Monsieur Jean is true to his heritage and celebrates local flavor. The service is exceptional and highly personalized to our smart, fashionable and chic clientele.”

Located in the heart of Old Québec, discover the elegant and utterly sophisticated Monsieur Jean, L'hôte Particulier. A living museum in its own right, expect a truly unique and unforgettable experience the moment you step foot inside. Monsieur Jean has adopted many ecological practises to reduce their environmental footprint, having a large focus and commitment on promoting the health and wellbeing of the guests and reducing the impact on the environment; think low-flow shower heads and options for guests to limit the number of replacement linens they receive throughout their stay.

This arty hotel offers spacious, design-led suites with private balconies affording tremendous panoramic vistas over the city and the St. Lawrence River, and its French-influenced urban setting provides an ideal atmosphere for travellers alike. From its large windows enveloping the hotel by natural lighting all day, to its lavish furnishings, Monsieur Jean guarantees a completely inspirational and pampering stay. Not to mention the hotel has recently opened their Bobu Épicerie-Café, a place to experience fresh, local flavours and ready-to-eat prepared products!

Eco Hotel Saltus - South Tyrol, Italy

“HIP Hotels are an outstanding collection of boutique hotels which are curated in every detail (interior, exterior, surroundings, décor etc.) to create a special atmosphere – a vibe. You look at pictures of those most different hotels, and you picture yourself vacationing in every single one of them: reading a book on their cozy pillows, enjoying some yoga practice on the green meadows, an aperitif on the stunning terrazzo and so on. All different, all coherent in their cozy vibe – and a cozy vibe is exactly what we are looking for at Hotel Saltus. We literally spend hours discussing the composition of a single sitting corner, to balance its energy, looks and overall create an inviting atmosphere. At Hotel Saltus we believe that a great vibe comes from the collection of many sources of good energy clustered into a single unit.”

Sustainable living takes on true meaning here at Eco Hotel Saltus and you really need to experience it. An eco haven amid the clouds, this awe-inspiring mountain retreat floats amongst the treetops in the enchanting commune of San Genesio and is made completely by the natural materials from the surrounding region – the larch wood facade makes this architectural beauty blend seamlessly with its magical surroundings. Saltus not only gives you prime views of the soaring Dolomite mountain peaks, but it also prides itself on providing the perfect space for the mind, body and soul to be completely rejuvenated.

A charming Wabi-Sabi style grace the interiors of the hotel; watch this timeless atmosphere unfold around you as you reconnect yourself with the natural world. From soft linens and cosy wools, to minimal furnishings and clay and lime walls, marvel at the true meaning of sustainable living here at Saltus. Savour some deliciously fresh local ingredients from the valleys and mountain slopes of South Tyrol at the charming in-house Saltino Bistro or Tschögglbergerhof restaurant, dive into natural mountain water and feel like you’re floating weightlessly in the sky in Saltus’ heavenly 17-metre infinity pool located on the roof, activate your self-healing powers through morning yoga as you overlook the forest and the surrounding mountains, and feel the true sense of regeneration. Relax, you’re at Eco Hotel Saltus.

Hotel Stein - Salzburg, Austria

“This incredible and unique view, this breathtaking private space on our 8th floor is truly HIP and one of a kind.”

Blue like a lagoon and like the radiant sky, the intricate yet artistic Hotel Stein is one of the trendiest stays in Salzburg. Once an inn back in the Middle Ages, now an exclusive hotel, Hotel Stein is a world of eclectic elegance and luxury. From contemporary furnishings to clean aesthetics with bright pops of the colour blue, after following a two-year complete restoration, this legendary building has opened its doors once again to the design-conscious traveller seeking the perfect Austrian escape. Grandly nestled on the Salzach River, Hotel Stein couldn’t have a more appropriate address!

Formed of fantastically individually decorated rooms and suites, be inspired by the luminaires and handcrafted decorations of Venetian glass made by Barovier & Toso, as well as selected fabrics by the world-famous fabric house Rubelli that fill the hotel’s interiors – everything was produced exclusively for the Hotel Stein. Each masterpiece collectively showcases a harmonious combination of modern art and contemporary design. Tantalise your tastebuds with a fine dining experience at Seven Senses, enjoy a glass or champagne or two whilst you take in the remarkable views of the roofs of the city and escape the hustle and bustle of Salzburg in the relaxing Hotel Stein Spa. Whatever you choose to do, Hotel Stein will leave you feeling truly inspired.

Casale San Pietro - Lazio, Italy

“We are a Hometel! Joe and I give individual personal service, “nothing is too much trouble”. We home from home with all the luxuries and services of a hotel. We even take decision making away from our guests, we don’t have a menu for dinner, we cook what is fresh on the day, our fabulous cooks make fresh pasta and cakes every morning and buy the best fresh local ingredients. We only have 6 rooms but an abundance of space indoors and outdoors, so guests can escape for total peace and tranquility in many of the shaded areas.”

Discover a truly magical Italian escape here at Casale San Pietro. Nestled in Italy’s enchanting wild corner of Lazio, this beautifully renovated 300-year-old farmhouse emanates tranquility and peace throughout. This discreet hometel overlooks an 8-acre olive grove valley and is the perfect home away from home. Designed by passionate hoteliers Joe and Alana, Casale San Pietro perfectly captures the tranquil aura that the landscape’s olive groves purvey.

Prepare to unwind in this charming Italian country house and indulge in the exposed stone walls and antique furnishings that surround you. Offering an authentic experience of the region, you’re encouraged to live like a local and take advantage of the endless experiences at Casale San Pietro — from learning Italian and cookery masterclasses to spa treatments and free bike rides. You’ll fall in love with the harmonious atmosphere that resonates across the rural open valley. A stay at Casale San Pietro will transport you to a happier place that you’ll never want to leave!

Art Hotel Villa Fiorella - Naples, Italy

“We are HIP because we have amazing views, lot’s of modern art, a lot of space for our guests, 2 restaurants and 1 sky bar and a wonderful infinity pool!”

Offering a fine mix of spectacular vistas and minimalist interiors featuring glamorous touches of meticulously-crafted art and design, Art Hotel Villa Fiorella is the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of the sea and fiery sunsets. Nestled elegantly in an olive grove in Massa Lubrense, this beautiful stay perfectly frames the Gulf of Naples and the island of Capri in all their splendour. Each space offers an atmosphere of elegance and beauty; from an expansive two-floor apartment with wide terraces affording panoramic sea views, to the Deluxe suite which beckons the glorious light of day inside, everywhere you turn in Art Hotel Villa Fiorella encourages you to soak up the beauty of your natural surroundings – this hotel is like something from a dream!

After a stroll down to Massa Lubrense where you'll find a quaint fishing harbour and a sure guarantee of fresh seafood, immerse yourself in the cool and romantic atmosphere of Scirocco Pool Bar, enjoy a cocktail or two at the Cielo Sky Lounge then discover the vibrant pink and orange hues of the sunset as you dive into the hotel’s magnificent infinity pool. However you like to relax, you’re in for a romantically atmospheric stay here at Art Hotel Villa Fiorella.

Hotel Vilòn - Rome, Italy

“Vilòn Roma is the place where several forms of creativity such as art, music and design co-exist in perfect harmony. A home away from home with exquisite dining experiences, courtesy of Chef Gabriele Muro. Those looking to explore the beauty of the Eternal City will find we’re only a stone’s throw away from Palazzo Borghese and Via Condotti, to name a few landmarks.”

Once a boarding school, now transformed into a wonderfully stylish mi of 19th-century grandeur and refreshing modernity, this charming art-filled boutique is the perfect Roman stay. Hotel Vilòn is perfectly nestled in the heart of the bustling centre of historic Rome, provides splendid views of Palazzo Borghese’s private gardens and its ancient statues, and is just a short walk away from all of the city’s gems. With 18 rooms designed by the Roman scenographer Paolo Bonfini, Hotel Vilòn generates an exciting new level of luxury within the Eternal City, encouraging guests to fall in love with the property and the location. Natural light floods into each space at Vilòn for an atmosphere that truly embodies the very essence of a boutique hotel — beauty, discretion, charm and aesthetics.

Indulge in the true meaning of graceful Italian hospitality at the hotel’s Adelaide restaurant. Satisfying appetites with a wondrous menu of Mediterranean cuisine, enjoy only the best of Roman tradition with the delightfulness of fresh modern twists. Retreat to the plant-lined al-fresco outdoor patio and cosy up with a sumptuous cocktail as you unwind for the evening. Hotel Vilòn really is the crème de la crème of luxury!

Locanda al Colle - Tuscany, Italy

“Locanda al Colle has no signing of bar and restaurant bills, no reception, no TV, no phones, no outside visitors and RESIDENT only facilities and service!”

Nestled in Tuscany’s beautiful hills of Camaiore lies the charming converted farmhouse of Locanda Al Colle. Owned by Riccardo Barsottelli, this Tuscan country house is filled with his artwork, having become a haven for design enthusiasts and architecture cognoscenti, and is also just minutes away from the seaside province of Versilia, renowned for its unspoiled beaches. Indulge in the mixture of stylish furnishings, wake up to the scent of homemade pastries and join the owner and his friends at their informal dinner parties — prepare to be overwhelmed and spoiled by the warmest hospitality.

With a blend of twelve individually designed rooms and suites, feel immersed in the farmhouse style whilst you indulge in a mixture of 1920’s vintage designs to late 50s and 70s art deco styles. Filled with king-size Simmons World Class beds, alluring rain showers and serene terraces, be in awe of the quiet and tranquil atmosphere that surrounds Locanda Al Colle. Be sure to explore the nearby medieval villages and vineyards, lose yourself amongst the enchanting scents of olive trees, lavender, rosemary and sage, then enjoy a glass or wine or two as you soak up the beauty of the surrounding landscapes. A stay at this gorgeous farmhouse will truly complete your journey through Tuscany. So, what are you waiting for?

Hotel Muchele - South Tyrol, Italy

“Muchele is HIP for a number of reasons: timeless design and comfort culminate at our divine terrace; dining at our hotel is a wholesome experience. Led by our team of young, wild, traditional and liberal-minded gastronomical connoisseurs, all of our food is locally sourced. We also have a magnificent Chef’s Table experience which includes a delicious 7-course dinner specially prepared from our chef Evelin Frank; we love wine, and because we are 5 diplomat sommeliers, we can give our guests the perfect suggestions; not to mention the Hotel bar, which looks more than just a colourful living room!”

Focusing on architecture and design, this family-orientated hotel in South Tyrol ticks all the boxes. Nestled within the wine growing Etsch Valley, slow down to the pace of life here at Hotel Muchele and indulge in an easy-going and beautifully comforting stay within the mountains. The Ganthaler family instil all of their passion and heart into everything you experience, so you can rest assured you’ll enjoy a stay with every detail catered for!

Hotel Muchele is a perfectly vibrant home-away-from-home. Inspired by the lineage of the family and the rural adornment that exhibit the natural harvesting that surrounds it, architect Stephan Marx helped renovate this gorgeous family-run hotel in 2014, breaking all idyll boundaries. Abandoning stereotypical pine-clad mountain interiors, this alpine retreat is filled with sculptural yet elegant furnishings by designers at Moroso - each adding its own unique personality throughout the hotel. Think lace-like iron curtains, which represent the three sisters with the letter ‘3’, uniquely colourful furniture and stunning art pieces – could this hotel get even more enchanting?

Dining at Hotel Muchele is a truly wholesome experience. Featuring locally-sourced produce and exquisite Italian hospitality, be sure to experience an evening at the Chef’s Table and explore the aromas of the range of sumptuous South Tyrolean wines. Whether you’re relaxing in the Anna Spa or simply soaking up the genteel atmosphere, Hotel Muchele truly does not disappoint!

Art Hotel Riposo - Ascona, Switzerland

“We just turned 2. The hotel is placed on the renomated journey where Karl Wild has a yearly review on the best hotels in Switzerland. We have the most exciting Rooftop Terrace overlooking Ascona and great rooftop dinners with a candle light atmosphere to celebrate our guests’ best moments!”

If you’re looking for the ultimate Swiss getaway, look no further than Art Hotel Riposo. Nestled in the stunning town of Ascona, on Switzerland’s magnificent Lake Maggiore, this charming hotel brings the perfect chocolate box style escape bang up to date with stylish rooms, hearty food and awe-inspiring views. Where traditional Swiss charm meets a Mediterranean vibe, there truly is no better place to escape to than here.

The artistic description of this family-run hotel says it all in the same. Discover the family’s love for art and nature throughout the hotel and indulge in the quirky yet comforting atmosphere. Each of the individually decorated rooms and suites have been designed with a completely different vibe; from contrasting colour palettes such as striking colours of orange and purple, and pastel blues and pinks, to distinct artworks and chic furnishings – each room creates a perfectly fresh scene!

Whist Art Hotel Riposo is the perfect place to escape if you’re looking for something a little more artistic, the elegant, fine dining restaurant, Cortile dei Beati, truly is the cherry on the cake. Prepare to tantalise your tastebuds with a tasty selection of Italian and Mediterranean cuisines, pared with some local vineyard wines, and take in the spellbinding sunset setting behind the mountains. Not to mention you can also indulge in some heavenly Swiss cheese! Whether you savour a cocktail or two in their charming courtyard surrounded by lush greenery, be inspired by the artistic elegance that fills the hotel or enjoy a romantic dinner for two on the terrace, here at Art Hotel Riposo you are spoilt for choice.

Boutique Hotel Zenana - South Tyrol, Italy

“The doors of our Liberty home are open to only the few discerning guests that appreciate our unconventional and eccentric decor made up of a combination of colors and themes. A quirky and peaceful oasis with a nontraditional style all of it’s own, immersed in a collection of family heirlooms, old books, perfumes and spectacular views.”

Pack your bag and start your journey to Italy’s magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites, one of the most iconic holiday destinations in Europe. Nestled on a quiet street in the charming village of San Candido, take a leap into a fairytale setting at this boutique hotel and be enchanted by this historical townhouse’s expert blend of ancient and modern. Boutique Hotel Zenana is full of character and charm, and is currently run by an exquisite family of women. Characterised by the family’s values and preservation of its original ambience, the word “zenana” translates to “of the women”, so you can expect only the utmost incredible and friendly welcome from the moment you step inside.

Formed of just nine individually decorated suites with the perfect warm and homely feel, around every corner, your senses will be enveloped by delicate perfumes, incense and candles. Not to mention the atmosphere is elevated by beautiful fabrics from different eras utilised in each space. Indulge in the Western and Oriental styles, admire the colourful vintage pieces that are elegantly placed throughout the hotel and let the wooden floors and original features provide you with a true homely feeling. From quirky bathrooms hidden behind wooden sliding doors, to unique and colourful furnishings, take advantage of the Dolomites being on your doorstep and marvel at the stunning mountains that surround you.

Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni 1 - Florence, Italy

“Our enchanting historical mansion, Antica Torre Tornabuoni is a striking medieval tower dating from the 13th century. It is one of Florence’s most elegant properties; a beautiful blend of original architecture, classic art, and contemporary style. The atmosphere is one of pure, timeless luxury. With the historic interiors beautifully orchestrated by designer Angelica Frescobaldi, Antica Torre Tornabuoni captures that elusive mix of old school glamour and contemporary chic. Woven textiles add warmth to the high-ceilinged rooms and cashmere throws complete the beautifully dressed oversized beds. We have some of the most exceptional views of the city. The tower’s private, residents-only rooftop terraces have panoramic vistas across Florence and beyond.”

This Florentine historical dream is the ultimate Italian stay. With one-of-a-kind views from the terraces that overlook the enchanting landmarks of Florence, Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni 1 was once a medieval tower from the year 1200 and is now the perfect home away from home. Ideally located next to the Arno River and the Ponte Santa Trìnita, this stunning boutique hotel is filled with history, luxury and Renaissance art. Indulge in the personalised take on the Florentine signature style with a historical twist, be enchanted by the fine antiques, frescoes and ornaments that fill the rooms and suites, and be inspired by the magnificently high ceilings and parquet flooring that run throughout the hotel.

If you didn’t think it could get any more inspiring than this, experience the true meaning of luxury at the “Restaurant The Tower”, located atop of the hotel’s Duomo terrace. With delicious menus and spectacular hospitality, take in the most magnificent views of the city that this restaurant has to offer and feel on top of the world at this exclusive historical hotel. Whatever your heart desires, Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni 1 is a place filled with beauty, purity and complete luxury!

Hotel & Restaurant Bad Schörgau - South Tyrol, Italy

“We love the La FuGa Philosophie (Laboratory for Future Gastronomy), which we think is very HIP! LaFuGa is this beautiful philosophy, made of people like Mattia, Gregor and the rest of the community that are in search of sustainability in the most wider approach. To experience LaFuGa means to be open to understand how everything is connected, from complexity, to circularity, to health, to diversity, to mindfulness and how gastronomy can be this amazing critical zone because food is ubiquitous, relevant to each and everyone of us and also a way of communication. Food is a conversation that connects everything.”

Indulge, unwind, rejuvenate. Escape the urban lifestyle and discover this alpine-spirited hideaway. Tucked within the Val Sarentino valley, Hotel & Restaurant Bad Schörgau is managed by the positively accommodating Wenter family. With a strong focus on a family-run atmosphere, you are invited to explore this immersive retreat and to discover the true meaning of heaven on earth. Fall in love with this hotel’s vision to reconnect the guest with the spirit and vitality of the undulating valley, and forge an unforgettable sensory attachment to the resort’s charm.

Alpine-inspired features adorn the interior of the rooms, encouraging its guests to feel connected to the surroundings. From natural materials to modern reinterpretations, the interiors here at Bad Schörgau establish a truly spacious and refreshing area to relax. Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul at the wellness spa (think wood-heated hot-tubs, outdoor saunas and swimming pools), enjoy some award-winning cuisine at the hotel’s Michelin-starred, Gourmet Restaurant Alpes, and gaze out onto the vast alpine Val Sarentino valley as you breathe in the comforting earthly fragrances of the natural world that surrounds you. A stay at Hotel & Restaurant Bad Schörgau is truly unforgettable.

Seehof Nature Retreat - South Tyrol, Italy

“The Seehof Wish Tree® symbolically stands for a promising future. It’s the symbol of our yearning for encounter and exchange, for happiness and pleasure. We have prepared little white pieces of paper where our beloved guests can note their wishes, thoughts, dreams and inspirations and put them into small wooden boxes that will be hung up on a tree next to our natural private lake. What a strong symbol of confidence and trust! The Seehof Wish Tree® is a place of force and positive energy where to deposit our deepest desires: Wishing the best to ourselves and to our loved ones and expressing our wish for a wonderful and better future to come. We see precious moments grow on this arbor vitae and want to share and to remember them with likeminded people. Together we are stronger, together we enjoy the little things of life and experience the here and now at the Seehof Nature Retreat.”

Surrounded by the sheer magnitude of the Dolomites, Seehof Nature Retreat aligns you with the natural state of things – every light alteration and dynamic change in the environment truly encourages you to let go of your woes. Perched on a high plateau in South Tyrol, this enchanting hideaway subtly melds with the backdrop of the pine and apple trees. This family-run property of almost sixty years immerses its guests in the serene tranquility of the Isarco Valley, with the breathtaking Tyrolean Mountains as your backdrop. It really is as close as you'll get to a heavenly experience here on Earth!

Seehof Nature Retreat is a place where nature’s elements take a front seat. Indulge in the panoramas of the woods and the reflective lake, switch off your everyday worries and become a free spirit in your own small private retreat. Copper accessories, light stone and wood decorate the fifty rooms, all with double-sized windows offering incomparable views of the woods and mountainous background. Lie back, take a deep breath and let a feeling of utter enchantment wash over you. Wherever you are at Seehof, feel energised and absorb the refreshing surroundings that surround you.

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