A marble-clad masterpiece, teetering on a remarkable series of gorgeous waterways: an unnervingly romantic city, charming travellers with its beauty.

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Gondolas floating down majestic canals, marble bridges crisscrossing the iconic waterways, magnificent cathedrals, awe-inspiring artwork, quaint churches, ceilings decorated with stunning frescos, chic fashion, delicious food and amazing wine. Travel down the iconic Grand Canal into the very heart of the city and find art by Titian, the gilded glory of St Mark’s Basilica, the ornate Rialto Bridge and so much more. Then explore the ancient backstreets, which are decorated with gorgeous churches, which would typically be central attractions in other cities, yet are a mere sideshow in Venice; or sit down in one of the many amazing cafes and enjoy the wonders of Venetian cuisine. Put simply, Venice is so unique, so eccentric, so different and so beautiful that words will never do it justice.

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Grassi Palace
With carefully curated exhibitions of contemporary art, Palazzo Grassi in Venice stands among the best museums in Italy, definitely a must see while in Venice.
Ca' Rezzonico
A superb Venetian palace with impressive architecture featuring an unparalleled collection of eighteenth-century exhibits, such as paintings, interior decorations and furniture. The cherry on top, the windows offer breathtaking views of the city.
Saint Mark's Basilica
You cannot visit Venice and miss Saint Mark's Basilica, the most iconic building in town and an absolute gem of Byzantine architecture. Art, architecture, history, spirituality, beauty, all at once, exquisite.
art gallery
Doge's Palace
A true masterpiece, the Doge's Palace amazes visitors with its huge Gothic and Renaissance architecture, wall and ceiling frescos, canvass paintings and endless other wonders.
art gallery
Casa dei Tre Oci
Imagine three floors completely dedicated to photography. That is exactly what Casa dei Tre Oci is, a peaceful, lovely retreat, filled with beautiful art, away from the hustle and the crowds along the canal in Venice.

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