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Calling all wine connoisseurs, this one's for you.

With its crispness, elegance and deliciously smooth finish, the best thing about wine is that it compares to nothing else. Telling a story of the region it was made in, you can taste the history of each glass of wine with every sip you take in some of the most gorgeous destinations. From the tranquil vineyards of Umbria to the avant-garde wine spas of Chile, we’re here to inspire you with some of our favourite wine retreats! Where wine and travel are concerned, it doesn’t get much better.

VenissaVenice, Italy

Escape to the lesser-known island of Mazzorbo and discover Venice’s best kept secret. Nestled within its own walled vineyard, the Michelin-starred boutique hotel and restaurant, Venissa, is your perfect wine retreat. It’s surrounded by two hectares of vineyards, sat inside an elegant old manor house formed of six guestrooms and has a magnificent restaurant. Venissa's charming vineyard is the only one in the world to produce the indigenous dorona di Venezia grape variety which has now been recovered and thrives in the local area!

As Mazzorbo is away from all the bustling tourist traps, populated with just over 200 people, the tranquil atmosphere and intimate surroundings is the perfect place for some delicious Italian wine tasting. So, breathe in that fresh Venetian lagoon air, tantalise your tastebuds with a fusion of over 22 types of aromatic homemade wines and discover the true flavours of Venice in their in-house Osteria Contemporanea restaurant.

Vik ChileSan Vicente de Tagua Tagua, Chile

“The VIK winery hotel features a unique and unprecedented design, which is at once state-of-the-art, highly sustainable, technologically creative and a stunning visual experience that promises to redefine the wine experience.”

Hidden away in one of Chile’s most distinguished wine valleys, discover the architectural majesty of Vik Chile (previously known as Viña Vik). Stretching over 5000 hectares, this futuristic-looking secluded hotel was designed by an Uruguayan architect called Marcelo Daglio, and is the perfect place for both wine connoisseurs and contemporary art lovers to take in everything Chile has to offer – it truly is a "Paradise in wine country."

The Millahue vineyard terrain is located just a couple of hours south from Santiago and is famously known to the natives as the “place of gold”, due to its majestic surrounding mountains and valleys, beauty, diversity and now, its delicious wines. Although this gorgeous hideaway was built after the established winery, there’s no better place to indulge in exclusive wine tasting events than at Vik Chile. Sustainable, environmental, technological and scientific, all of which is a fundamental pillar during the production of the VIK wines.

From sipping the various completed vintages in the charming tasting room and indulging in delicious Chilean-inspired dishes served with a VIK wine pairing in the glass pavilion, to pampering yourself with the micronutrients from their grape seeds and resveratrol from the vines in their nourishing products in the holistic wine spa, a visit to Vik Chile will leave you, your taste buds and your senses feeling inspired. You’ll have a grape time!

La SegretaUmbria, Italy

If there's one thing that Umbria does very well, it's certainly their wine! Nestled within a 70-acre nature preserve, discover the charming La Segreta. Ensuring great quality flavours and authenticity in every drop, this countryside estate takes great care of their land, creating a delicious selection of hand-blended organic red wines from their homegrown grapes. With their sun-exposed 5.5 hectares of vines, dedication goes into each process, from the harvest to the fermentation, producing wines that are available to purchase.

La Segreta not only is a gorgeous boutique hotel and vineyard, it also offers you a perfect little piece of your own Umbrian countryside during your stay. Wander through tranquil cherry groves and rolling barley fields, do some fruit picking, take a dip in the glittering infinity pool then end the perfect evening with a vineyard wine tasting at the well-known Sagrantino vineyards, or how about a glass on the farmhouse terrace whilst you indulge in the spectacular views of the walled village of Piedicolle?

Whatever you discover at La Segreta, you'll feel as if you've been let in on Umbria's best kept secret.

WATERLINE - Cape Town, South Africa

For an unforgettable experience of wine tasting, discover South Africa’s charming capital of Cape Town and book a stay at the self-reliant villa of WATERLINE. Boasting views over the Noordhoek beach and the famous Chapman’s Peak, let the friendly team know your desires and they’ll organise a perfect wine tasting excursion for you! Is there really a better way to get to know the capital than indulging in the different South African wines? We think not.

Known for its fine wines, awe-inspiring natural landscapes and tasty foods, spend a day exploring the gorgeous surrounding wine regions including the spectacular Constantia Wine Valley, founded in 1685, and discover the rich and diverse tastes of centuries-old wine as well as some new boutique flavours. A full day of wine tasting and lunch, exploring iconic historic wine estates and boutique local wineries, a drive through the highest mountain vineyards… Does that sound like an ideal day out? Absolutely! If a perfect wine retreat is what you’re looking for, a perfect wine retreat is what you’ll get.

After a long day of exploring and tantalising your tastebuds with large amounts of delicious wines, find yourself in the serene and modern villa of WATERLINE, unwind by the pool and absorb the positive energies from the tranquil surroundings. There’s no better place for this than in Cape Town.

Hotel MucheleSouth Tyrol, Italy

Why not try something a little different and discover Hotel Muchele’s ‘not your average wine tasting’ experience?

Located in the mesmerising South Tyrol region, this wonderful family-run mountain majesty is a perfectly vibrant, easy-going and outstandingly charming hotel. Formed of just 40 individually decorated suites, there are many ways to indulge in some tasty wine. From exploring the pure beauty of the wine-growing region of the Etsch Valley to wine pairing with fine cuisine at the chef’s table, discover the fun activities of the ‘not your average wine tasting’, retreat to the clay vinoteque (also known as the boss’s office) and join up to 15 other wine lovers alike whilst you indulge in some tasty local South Tyrolean wines. Whilst the wines benefit from 300 days of sun, mild climate and the protection of The Alps, for every grape varietal on offer, they have the perfect terrain.

Discover another world in the Dolomites, take in the panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes, rejuvenate the body and soul in the Anna Spa, taste some high-quality niche culinary products in the in-house dining room and explore the aromas of the range of sumptuous South Tyrolean wines. Hotel Muchele does not disappoint.

argos in CappadociaUçhisar, Turkey

If you’re a true wine connoisseur, then you’ll marvel at the delicious grape offerings at Turkey’s magical argos in Cappadocia. Set within some of the most beautiful mountains in the world, discover an underground world full of international luxuries, cosy cave pools, stone fireplaces and endless collections of delicious wines inside ancient caves.

This enchanting retreat not only has its own charming vineyards, but it also boasts over 22,000 bottles of tasty dinner and dessert wines from both national and international producers located in their SEKI wine cellar, one of the largest cellars in Turkey! Whether you’re more of a full-bodied red wine aficionado or a steely white wine lover, taste some of the local wines made from the Kalecik Karasi, Emir and Syrah grapes — they’re absolutely divine.

Escape to this former Byzantine monastery, uncover the secret nooks and crannies throughout the caves, indulge in some tasty traditional Turkish foods in the SEKI restaurant, take in the soaring views from the foothills of Uçhisar Fortress to Güvercinlik Valley from your own private balcony and treat yourself to some distinctive wine tasting inside the former chapel with a magnificent stone ceiling.

Watch the sunset over the iconic rocks from the hotel restaurant terrace and sip wine made from the owner's own vineyard, while the menu features local produce and favourite Turkish dishes. Take in panoramic views from the foothills of Uçhisar Fortress to Güvercinlik Valley from your private balcony.

Casale San PietroLazio, Italy

With a tranquil atmosphere resonating across the rural open valley of Lazio, discover Italy’s best kept secret. Casale San Pietro is a charming renovated 300-year-old farmhouse nestled within eight gorgeous acres of olive groves and offers endless experiences for all to enjoy. From Italian cookery masterclasses to relaxing spa treatments and free bike rides across the wild corner of Lazio, why not step into spring this month and join them on an indulgent wine tasting experience at the local vineyard, Pileum? It also includes a free delicious lunch! With an incredible variety of native black grapes harvested within the magical rolling vineyards, don’t miss out on the Casale’s unmissable spring offer to fully indulge in some full-bodied and fragrant wines.

Wake up to the glistening sun beaming through the magical farmhouse, enjoy some tasty continental breakfast in the Long Room, explore the surrounding towns and stunning landscapes, take a dip in the relaxing countryside pool and enjoy a glass or two of wine as you marvel at your gorgeous surroundings. A retreat to Casale San Pietro will transport you to a happier place that you'll never wish to leave.

Hotel Savoy GradoFriuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy

If you’re looking for a vacation filled with delicious foods and fine wines, escape to the charming wine region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia and check in to the elegant Hotel Savoy Grado. Located in the northeast section of Italy, bordering both Austria and Slovenia, the surrounding vineyards in this alluring region are absolutely breathtaking. Whilst the western areas of Italy boast some of the best red wines around, this part of Italy really knows how to make some great white wine.

Showcasing some delicious wines from Friuli Venezia Giulia in its very own wine cellar, you’re spoilt for choice here at Hotel Savoy Grado. Whether you’re looking to fully explore the surrounding landscapes or you really just want to indulge in a few days of authentic food and wine, the superior service and hospitality here is utterly spectacular. So why not pair some luscious flavours with your dinner whilst you’re serenaded by the sweet soft sounds of the live piano, take a dip in the glittering saltwater pools and indulge in the tranquil aura that the surrounding beautiful gardens of the property have to offer?

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