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Vik Chile

San Vicente de Tagua Tagua, Chile

Upon its opening, the Vik Chile retreat, spanning 5000 hectares, was immediately hailed as an avant-garde wine spa. Located in Millahue, Chile, the future-proof aesthetic of this secluded property allows both contemporary art lovers and wine connoisseurs a chance to take in the best of Chile. All rooms are uniquely decorated.

Paradise In Wine Country

Designed by Uruguayan architect Marcelo Daglio, the retreat is a wonder to behold from a distance as well as from within. The hotel roof is a bronzed titanium which serves to reflect the surrounding mountains and valleys.

The Location

Dubbed "Paradise in wine country," Vik Chile was built after the winery came to be. The winery itself is kept cool by ocean breezes which cascade down from the Andes.

The Rooms

The retreat has an offering of cabins and suites which comprise of 22 rooms plus the 7 glass houses of Puro Vik. Each room features a work of art created by a different local artist.

Nibbles & Tipples

Sample the delights of Chilean inspired dishes served with a VIK wine pairing in the hotel dining room.

When visiting Vik Chile, there's no question of what beverage is best consumed. With plenty of wine tasting events throughout the year, you'll be hard pressed not to come back for more.

God is in the details

Floor-to-ceiling windows offering stunning views of Chile’s majestic landscape (think hills, forests, and mountains) are in every room at Vik Chile.


San Vicente de Tagua Tagua - Chile

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