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Tierra Atacama

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

San Pedro de Atacama is a small oasis town in the massive Altiplano of the Atacama Desert. This is a spectacularly beautiful area of salt flats, canyons, geysers and volcanic peaks with a plethora of adventure opportunities on offer.

Red Hot Chile Pepper

Lying low in the landscape the hotel is rustic and simple but nonetheless very striking. The design of Tierra Atacama is completely in tune with its surroundings.

The Location

In the 70's a Belgian priest, in residence at San Pedro's church, decided to name the valley on the edge of the village - 'Valle de la Marte' (Valley of Mars) - because the vivid red colour made him think of the planet Mars. But locals’ interpreted it - because of his accented Spanish - as Valle de la Muerte (Death Valley) and the name has stuck ever since.

The Rooms

The white guest rooms are a bold contrast to the reddish-orange of the surrounding landscape.

Nibbles & Tipples

Tierra Atacama takes traditional Chilean recipes and injects them with a creative spark to transform them into completely unique yet delicious dishes.

The resort places great significance in utilising as much produce from the local landscape as possible. The bar serves an impressive selection of regional wines and craft beers, as well as serving innovative takes on classic cocktails.

God is in the details

In contrast to the magnificent but stark surroundings, the interior of Tierra Atacama is designed to be warm and welcoming - an oasis of comfort and good food. Barren and unforgiving, Chile's Altiplano is sublimely brutal in its beauty.


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San Pedro de Atacama - Chile

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