South America

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When we think of South America; from the sleepy beach-shack aesthetic of Brazil’s Bahia and the vast estancia country of the Argentinian gaucho, to the wild virgin frontier of Patagonia, we think of a culture inextricably linked to a way of life.

Although South America never really captured a popular imagination due to its exoticism (with the exception, of course, of Rio and the famous Carnival), there's a seductive optimism that lingers in the air here, that’s reflected in its magnificent architecture, design and of course, lifestyle. Mention Brazil and the mind conjures up beach life and the captivating refrains of the samba, and when you think of Argentina, you think of the combination between the Spanish heat and Italian showmanship in the adored tango. If there’s one thing we’re certain about, it’s that South America is the only continent on this Earth that is defined as much by music and dance as it is by natural beauty – it’s a destination for doing, as much as merely watching.

Home to the Amazon Rainforest, diverse cultures, gorgeous colonial towns, Patagonian glaciers, tantalising foods, incredible wildlife and so much more, South America sets the stage for unforgettable adventures to all its curious travellers. From the famous Iguazu Falls to the magnificent ruins of Machu Picchu, not only are the landscapes in this tropical fairytale absolutely spectacular but so are the people.

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