Architecturally Inspiring Hotels


"Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness." - Frank Gehry

From mountain retreats set 1600 meters above sea level, to ship-like hotels by the lake, escape to some of these architecturally inspiring hotels in the world and indulge in the stories that come with it!

Vik Chile - San Vicente de Tagua Tagua, Chile

“We wanted to push the limits and challenge people's thinking of design” - Alex & Carrie Vik

Nestled within the Chilean Colchagua valley mountains, Vik Chile (formerly Vina Vik) is an architectural dream in a wine lovers paradise. Extending over 5000 hectares, the futuristic design of this hidden hotel is the ideal stay for both the contemporary art lovers and wine connoisseurs. Its undulating roof made of bronzed titanium designed to reflect the valleys and mountains, to 22 individually decorated rooms each dominated or themed by famous artists such as Fornasetti or Hermès, this magnificently inspiring hotel is the perfect combination of luxury and sophistication.

Designed by the Uruguayan architect Marcelo Daglio, Vik Chile was not created to blend in with its surroundings. From Japanese-influenced walkways to expansive outdoor terraces, this hotel has an energy-efficient design and uses natural resources to keep it running. Be sure to visit Vik’s winery, it’s globally renowned for its delicious red wines!

The Kumaon - Almora, India

The Kumaon is architecturally striking while being minimalistic in its design. It gives you space and time to think, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.” - Raghav, owner

Situated above the treetops 1600 metres above sea level, The Kumaon is an enchanting mountain retreat in the foothills of the Himalayas. Designed by the award-winning Zowa architects; Pradeep Kodikara and Jineshi Samaraweera, all of the formations for this minimalist hotel were made with locally sourced, natural materials and designed for rainwater harvesting. All the furniture, accessories and textiles were also created/designed by local craftsmen and weavers onsite!

Formed of 10 luxurious suites set across 5 individual structures, this eco-friendly architectural beauty offers plenty of space for its guests to be enchanted by the magnificent panoramic views and to soak up the serene atmosphere. Think natural wooden floors, cozy log burners and floor to ceiling windows that overlooks the mountains. The Kumaon perfectly blends the modernity of the hotel whilst highlighting the breathtaking beauty of the nature that surrounds it - honouring the local craftsmanship, materials, and culture of Almora.

Viceroy Los Cabos - San José del Cabo, Mexico

Escape to the enchanting waterfront of San Jose del Cabo and immerse yourself in the recently fully renovated Viceroy Los Cabos, a stunning architectural hotel designed by the esteemed Mexican architect, Miguel Angel Aragonés. Conjuring an otherworldly feel, the wonderfully abstract design of the electric-white buildings contrast with Mexico’s desert landscape and draw the eye to the hotel’s dramatic water features. Indulge in the elevated walkways and be enchanted by the soothing sounds of running water - a key focus in Aragonés’ vision of the resort.

Formed of 192 rooms and suites, the contemporary modern design is complemented by the hints of blond-wood throughout. From breathtaking ocean views to 24-hour in-room dining, Viceroy Los Cabos will fulfill your every desire. Guests will find plenty to do at this enchanting resort - with five newly designed restaurants, be sure to visit Nido (Spanish for nest), its lattice timber structure that floats above the water truly is a magnificent visual centrepiece. Inspired by John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts, indulge in some of the delicious Mexican, Spanish and Peruvian cuisine and sip on some tasty handcrafted pisco cocktails. Viceroy Los Cabos truly is both the visual and culinary experience.

Seehotel Ambach - Caldaro, Italy

Nestled within the enchanting Dolomites along the northeastern edge of Lake Caldaro lies an architectural masterpiece. Perched on the natural landscape, Seehotel Ambach is a magnificently crafted hotel perfectly blending the delights of nature and man-made design. Originally designed by Othmar Barth in the 70s, an architect and family-friend of the Ambach-Maran family, Seehotel was initially designed to look like a beached ship with the use of early 70s language and geometric lines. Since its recent renovation entrusted to architect Walter Angonese, the heart and soul of the house remains faithful to its original spirit, and perfectly blends with today's 21st-century comforts.

Formed of heavenly decorated rooms all overlooking Lake Caldaro, unique furniture and contemporary Italian design pieces fill the hotel. From designers such as Vico Magistretti and Achille Castiglioni, to Emma Gismondi Schweinberger and Artemide, every detail feature has been designed with Barth’s influence in mind.

Be sure to relax in the new Badehaus, a 250m sq. spa that unfolds in the biotope park facing the hotel, lake and the Kalterer Mountain. This enchanting loggia spa made from wood mediates the relationship between the lake and nature, and the dark tones reflect the surface of Lake Caldaro - contrasting with Seehotel’s lucid whiteness. “In this way, the Badehaus is also in indirect dialogue with Barth's edifice, appearing as the hotel's shadow.” - Walter Angonese

Escape to this enchanting world of water, landscapes and vineyards and indulge in the abstract forms and contrasting colours of Seehotel Ambach.

CHAO Beijing - Beijing, China

For all you architecture lovers out there, CHAO Beijing is your perfect stay when exploring China’s capital. Cultivated by Germany's gmp Architekten, the minimalistic theme of this triangular, three-dimensional zig-zag-like building reflects the vibrant district that surrounds it. Indulge in the geometric design and take in the bustling city beneath you from the story-high floor to ceiling windows.

Formed of 180 rooms and suites, each guestroom of this newly restored hotel had the design inspiration from animal ‘nests’. With the use of handcrafted custom furniture made from solid walnut and hand-made leather, the spacious multi-level environment in each room allows you to relax after a long day of travelling and exploring. Breaking traditional boundaries, the innovative lighting design at CHAO is one of the most central elements in the hotel’s design. The use of natural lighting from the closed, grazed panels play with light and shadow, and the soothing yellow glow that radiates throughout the hotel lobby and behind the textile ceilings echoes with architecture’s postmodernist style.

From art exhibitions and cultural spaces, to an amphitheatre in its very own basement, CHAO Beijing stands on the cutting edge of art and style - it is the perfect hotel stay for those with a love for architecture and design.

Hotel Muchele - South Tyrol, Italy

A combination of prominent architecture and design with a calm, easy-going atmosphere, this family-orientated hotel in South Tyrol ticks all the boxes. Nestled within the Etsch Valley, Hotel Muchele is a perfectly vibrant home-away-from-home.

Inspired by the lineage of the family and the rural adornment that exhibit the natural harvesting that surrounds it, architect Stephan Marx helped renovate this gorgeous family-run hotel in 2014, breaking all idyll boundaries. Abandoning stereotypical pine-clad mountain interiors, Hotel Muchele offers its guests sculptural yet elegant furnishings by designers at Moroso - each adding its own unique personality throughout the hotel. The lace-like iron curtains that separate each suite at the front of the building represent the three sisters of the family, showcasing the letter ‘3’ throughout. 21 new design suites now embellish the halls, and have made this enchanting hotel even more colourful.

From uniquely colourful furniture, to the relaxing Anna Spa (named after one of the three sisters), the Ganthaler family at Hotel Muchele ensures that all their guests will have a rejuvenating yet exciting stay with an array of activities for all at your doorstep!

THE VIEW Lugano - Lugano Paradiso, Switzerland

Set sail over Switzerland’s Lake Lugano and into a world of luxury and comfort.

Influenced by nautical design, the architecture of this enchanting hotel was inspired by a yacht - combining the perfect blend of modern design and comfort. Perched atop a hill overlooking the lake, THE VIEW Lugano is formed of 18 individually designed suites and boasts a true hospitable and catered experience. Feel as though you have jumped aboard a luxurious yacht when you escape to this magnificent architectural hotel and indulge in the Naval Teak that fills it.

To ensure guests have the best experience, take a look at their pillow menu (yes, pillow menu) and pick your perfect pillow and aromatic pillow case to fulfill a truly personalised experience. From camomile and lavender, to seacell and bamboo line, let these various aroma pillow covers benefit your sleep! You can also choose the most suitable fragrance in your room with perfumes from Joe Malone, Argan, Ortigia and Trussardi - a stay at THE VIEW Lugano will take all your senses on a journey!

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