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“Yoga is a path that leads us to our true selves”

Calling all yogis! Are you searching for that ‘zen’ fix after all the stress and struggle from this uncertain time? Well we’ve got something a little special just for you…

As you may know, many hotels have been open to the public for a while now, all whilst abiding by the social distancing rules. Although many amenities are not currently available in certain hotels — whether that be the spa, swimming pool or even the sought-after breakfast buffet, some of the hotels in our collection are adapting to the situation, with extra activities available to guests, all remaining at a safe distance from one another!

So… from the glittering white beaches of Tulum, to the magnificent views over Berlin, breathe in deeply, focus on relaxing your body and enjoy a tranquil yoga retreat safely this 2020! Namaste.

Hotel Playa Koralia - Buritaca, Colombia

Ditch your day-to-day activities, get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and escape to a tranquil retreat in the Sierra Nevada. Here at Playa Koralia, you won’t find WiFi, television or newspapers here, but you will discover what it truly means to feel free. With an eco friendly ethos and gorgeous themed cabins on the beach, you’ll feel at one with yourself and nature whilst exposing all your senses to an immersive and colourful array of experiences.

For the perfect yoga retreat, make your way to the Koralia Spa, a calming sanctuary dedicated to healing the body and recharging the spirit. Rejuvenate yourself through the movement of different yoga positions chanted by the instructors, feel that warm glow on your skin from the Caribbean sun and allow the fresh sea breeze and waves crashing against the shore enable you to dig into a deeper sense of relaxation.

Here at Playa Koralia, they are visited yearly by all kinds of yoga teachers and experts from all corners of the planet. Therefore, please be aware that the yoga classes may vary according to the instructor!

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Palazzo Radomiri - Dobrota, Montenegro

Discover an 18th-century mansion situated on the elegant Boka Bay and let your journey of peace, tranquility and rejuvenation commence at the charming Palazzo Radomiri. Located just a short boat ride from central Montenegro, this waterfront palazzo possesses a large combination of daily yoga classes and workshops available to guests, suitable for everyone.

Imagine being in a trance of complete relaxation. Picture yourself on the hotel’s waterfront, breathing in that fresh water breeze from the bay, moving your body between different yoga postures and allowing the positive energy to flow through your body. Relax, you’re starting the day with one of Palazzo Radomiri’s wonderful yoga classes on the jetty.

From the early morning ‘Slow Flowing Hatha Yoga’—a combination of stretches, breathing exercises and Sun Salutations to greet the morning sun; Evening ‘Restorative Yoga’—a nurturing mixture of various postures to help achieve that deep level of relaxation, whilst using props such as bolsters, blocks and blankets; to the magnificent ‘Prenatal Yoga’—a specially developed class for new mums to help strengthen the pelvic floor, improve circulation around the body, aid digestion, ease that terrible back pain and increase your general well being, through slow stretching, relaxation techniques and breathing exercises. Here at Palazzo Radomiri, you truly are spoilt for choice!

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Please note: two metre distancing between mats will be put in place to keep everyone safe!

Eco Hotel Saltus - South Tyrol, Italy

“The world within us is limitless. And yet our focus is almost exclusively on the world outside. With yoga you discover the space in you - and that is infinite.”

Picture yourself floating above the treetops, breathing in fresh alpine air… what do you see? Located over 1000 metres above sea level in Italy’s awe-inspiring South Tyrol, Eco Hotel Saltus is your true safe haven.

Activate your self-healing powers through yoga in their magnificent yoga room—a calming sanctuary with floor to ceiling windows that overlook the forest and the Dolomite mountains. Discover your prana (energy in the body) through the art of effective breathing techniques, practise an array of asana postures that help strengthen all parts of your body and let this tranquil presence that surrounds you, allow you to come back to the present. Feel each individual sense in your body heighten and remove any negative energy left inside the body. The teachers here at Saltus will pass on the strength and knowledge they have practised through the 196 recommendations of the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, a collection of yoga sutras created sometime between 500 BCE and 400 CE in India.

Indulge in that true sense of regeneration, marvel at the forest and mountain peaks that surround you and allow your mind, body and spirit to completely relax through the movement of yoga here at Eco Hotel Saltus. For more information, please click here.

Please note: two metre distancing between mats will be put in place to keep everyone safe!

Hotel Zoo - Berlin, Germany

“The process of growth through Kundalini Yoga is a natural unfolding of your own nature,” Yogi Bhajan – founder of Kundalini Yoga in the 70s.

Travelling to Germany from the UK is currently permitted without the need to self isolate once you arrive, so how about taking a trip to one of Berlin’s most famous avenues, Kurfürstendamm, and discovering the lavish Hotel Zoo for the perfect yoga retreat.

Watch the sunrise over the buildings whilst you indulge in a Kundalini session on the Hotel Zoo rooftop every Thursday morning. Focussing on awakening energy from the base of your spine through the seven chakras, Kundalini yoga is an ancient practice that focused on dynamic breathing techniques and the asana (physical postures), whilst using other aspects of chanting mantras, singing and meditation. It allows you to build physical vitality, increase consciousness and feel at one with your mind, body and soul.

When: Every thursday at 8 - 9:30am

Where: GRACE Rooftop, Hotel Zoo

Price: €12.00

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Jashita Tulum - Tulum, Mexico

Hidden away in Mexico’s Riviera Maya, discover your inner zen and free yourself from any stress and negative energy you may hold, at the tropical sanctuary of Jashita Tulum. Surround yourself with white sand beaches, lush green tropical forests and the fresh Caribbean sea breeze.

If there’s one place to truly unwind and immerse yourself, it’s at the hotel’s Caoba Spa & Yoga Studio. Nestled above the jungle treetops overlooking the waters of the Soliman Bay, step inside this extraordinary and magical place and begin your revitalising journey through the mind, body and soul, with the symbolic sun salutation (Surya Namaskara). Be soothed by the sounds of flute music and waves crashing against the shore, tap into all of your senses through ancient meditative discipline and body movement, strengthen your mind and body equilibrium, and be at one with yourself whilst you indulge in the positive energy that now moves through your body.

Classes are held daily by the in-house instructors, Flavio and Amarilla, and guests are welcome to sign up to join in on the daily group session, or can request a private class if needed! For more information, please click here.

Please note: If travelling from the UK, you must self isolate for two weeks once returning to the UK.

Masseria Susafa - Sicily, Italy

Escape to the rolling hills of the Sicilian countryside and discover the true meaning of tranquility at Masseria Susafa. The gentle rhythm of country life and slow living at this beautifully chic retreat is the perfect place to start or end your day, complemented by their exclusive yoga sessions.

Every morning and evening, Susafa holds relaxing yoga and pilates classes in the garden for its guests; where yogis and newcomers alike can experience the harmonising of their bodies, mind and spirit through the ancient art base of the muscular and mind exercises of yoga. Surrounded by the enchanting lush landscapes and peaceful views, breathe in that fresh Sicilian air and feel completely revitalised in this moment of relaxation. To continue this rejuvenating journey, guests will also enjoy some delicious herbal tea to help ease the energy within.

When: Every day at 8:30am and 5:30pm

Where: Garden

Price: €15.00 pp

Please note: You will need to self isolate if, in the 14 days prior to your arrival in italy, you have stayed in or transited through a country where Italy continues to require self-isolation.

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