A mediterranean island filled with wonders of the ancient world, beaches, culture and adventure.

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Just off the boot of Italy, Sicily offers miles of picturesque coastline, Europe's largest active volcano and monumental ruins, ready for the picture taking. Dazzling diversity cascade in markets, cafes and culture. The history of Sicily is seen in its Greek temples, Norman churches and Baroque palazzos, weaving a rich tapestry of time on this gem in the mediterranean sea.

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Al Fogher
Known as one of the best restaurants in Sicily, Al Fogher is owned by chef Angelo, famous throughout Europe. Magnificent dishes made with local products are always creating a beautiful dining experience for guests, making them return every time.
Pastificio Il Mattarello
With the translation of "Il Mattarello" being quality and freshness, you can anticipate the kind of product that emerges from this famous pasta-making factory. Using only organic ingredients and natural flavours, this will be the best homemade pasta you will have tasted in a long time.
La Bottega nella Roccia
If you find yourself exploring the historical town of Caccamo, be sure to stop off at La Bottega Nella Roccia. Its a store comparable to a museum curated for the purpose of tourism, in which you can go to learn about the history of Caccamo and its castle whilst you sample local Italian produce and purchase...
Giardino di Bacco Catania
Located in a beautiful, refined, antique villa from the early 20th century with an exquisite garden surrounded by citrus and camellia trees, Giardino di Bacco serves freshly prepared traditional Sicilian fare using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients.
Museo archeologico regionale Pietro Griffo
Full of treasures, such as Greek vases, sarcophaguses and other incredible artefacts, this museum has been an UNESCO World heritage site for decades, having inspired artists since Middle Ages.
Feeling lazy? We know what you mean. What about some huge, fluffy, comfy pillows that you can lay on? And we don't mean your average sofa, but the stairs at Daiquiri, overlooking the main street. Amazing cocktail bar with a super relaxed vibe.
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