A sparkling island in the Mediterranean that seduces travellers with its wonders of the ancient world, beaches, culture and adventure.

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Nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean, located at the tip of Italy's 'boot', Sicily lures travellers in with its glimmering coastlines, stunning mountain scenery and ancient history. Bursting with artistic and architectural gems, this gorgeous region greets tourists with its famous Mount Etna (one of Europe’s highest active volcanoes) and monumental ruins - ready for the picture taking!

Think dreamy beaches ranging from sandy smooth to dramatic rock formations and dazzling diversity that cascade in markets, cafes and culture, Sicily offers everything you could ever dream of and more. Discover its history in its Greek temples, Norman churches and Baroque palazzos, weaving a rich tapestry of time on this gem in the mediterranean sea.

If its varied landscape hasn't topped off your journey, the delectable layer-cake of culinary influences will definitely keep you from leaving. From Arab and Greek to Spanish influences, be sure to eat your way through history with a slice of the traditional Sicilian cassata sponge cake, whilst you enjoy some delicious wines produced from the unique terroir of Etna, found on the hillsides of the active volcano.

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point of interest
Valley of Temples
Just outside of Agrigento, visit the ancient Valley of the Temples, an archaeological park consisting remains from eight temples that were built between the 5th and 6th century BC. With so much to see including the inspiring the six column design of the UNESCO symbol, the park is the largest archaeological...
La Bottega nella Roccia
If you find yourself exploring the historical town of Caccamo, be sure to stop off at La Bottega Nella Roccia. Its a store comparable to a museum curated for the purpose of tourism, in which you can go to learn about the history of Caccamo and its castle whilst you sample local Italian produce and purchase...
Museo archeologico regionale Pietro Griffo
Full of treasures, such as Greek vases, sarcophaguses and other incredible artefacts, this museum has been an UNESCO World heritage site for decades, having inspired artists since Middle Ages.
Palazzo Abatellis
Paintings, frescoes, sculptures and pieces of furniture, all these and much more are to be admired at Galleria Regionale della Sicilia. By far the most famous exhibit, Trionfo della Morte, Triumph of Death, will be leaving you puzzled, trying to decipher all its hidden meanings.
Museum Palazzo Riso
Gathering interesting artworks by local, national, and international contemporary artists, this brand new museum is hosted in the restored Palazzo Belmonte - Riso. Once you get here you can also enjoy the pretty cafe and lovely bookshop where you can have a bite and find some nice souvenirs for your dear o...
point of interest
Mercato del Capo
While you are walking through Mercato Il Capo, you can expect enticing scents, vivid colours and a vibrant atmosphere that makes this food market a favourite amongst the locals of Palermo. Expect the freshest of Italian ingredients including meat, fish, cheese and vegetables, as well as stalls selling anti...
Catacombe dei Cappuccini
This one is not for the fain-hearted. Originally a cemetery for the Capuchin monks, nowadays the catacombs are open to receive visitors eager to see the preserved remains of those deceased more than a century ago. If you're up to it, definitely give it a try. It will not leave you untouched.
point of interest
Corso Umberto
Wander through this pedestrian-friendly street in the heart of Taormina filled with gorgeous boutiques, 12th-century clocktowers and an ornate baroque fountain. Explore this popular street, find a hidden cafe and discover all of this small town's secrets!
point of interest
Villa Comunale Di Taormina
A delight for the eyes, Villa Comunale Di Taormina is the perfect getaway for quiet walks amid landscaped gardens with picturesque views of the Ionian Sea and the city. The gardens are populated with lush vegetation of palm trees, cacti and a large quantity of flowers.
point of interest
Teatro Antico di Taormina
A wonderful sight on its own, visit the gorgeous ancient Greek Theatre just 6-minutes from Porta Messina. Watch the opera at this ancient landmark, indulge in the breathtaking panoramic settings and take in everything that Taormina has to offer.
point of interest
Forza d'Agrò
In the smaller Sicilian towns of Savoca and Forza d'Agro, just outside of Taormina, some of the 1973 crime drama trilogy, The Godfather were filmed. Here, you can find the famous Bar Vitelli, the pretty Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli and other places you recognised from the film. In these small, untouc...

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