Home to thousands of years of captivating heritage, distinct landscapes and a wealth of culture, the central Italian region of Tuscany is a nation within a nation just waiting to be discovered.

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Tuscany is the birthplace of the Renaissance art movement, which is reflected by the romanticism felt in every area of the region, with each and every one of its destinations showcasing their own unique and individual character.
If you’re looking for a scenic getaway, look no further; Tuscany is home to more UNESCO sights than the populous nations of South Africa, Argentina and Australia.
Not only are the sights to die for, but Tuscany also provides its visitors with a culinary exploration; from the popular Chianti Tuscan wine to the simple, yet exquisite locally sourced cured meats, cheeses and artisan olive oils – a trip to Tuscany, is a trip to Italy’s gastronomic capital.
Indulge in the cuisine, admire the breath-taking scenery and discover the abundance of cultural heritage that makes Tuscany the fascinating Italian region that is so well loved by people all over the world.

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Mercato Centrale
For those in search of a bargain and those in the market for the most authentic Tuscan goods out there, Mercato di San Lorenzo is a no-brainer. Comprising of an indoor section which focuses on culinary produce, and an outdoor section selling clothing and accessories made from Florence's famously high-quali...
Jimmy's Leather Collection
If like many of Florence's tourists, you can't resist purchasing goods made from the highest quality of Italian leather, Jimmy's Leather Collection is a favourite amongst tourists and locals alike. Offering a professional and welcoming service to their guests, the store's staff really know what they're tal...
Academy Of Florence Art Gallery
With a fame that goes way beyond the national borders, Galleria dell’Accademia hosts some of the greatest Renaissance masterpieces. Michelangelo's David should be enough of a reason for you to book your ticket now.
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Florence Academy of Fine Arts
A hospital turned into a convent, by the 19th century the edifice had already become an art gallery now famous worldwide for housing the stunning David sculpture by Michelangelo. Definitely a must see while visiting Florence.
Eataly Firenze
For all of the culinary genius' out there, Eataly is a three-story food store that will tantalise your senses from the minute you walk through the door. With hundreds of varieties of Italian specialities from balsamic vinegar to 'salumi' to cheeses, you will be faced with a huge challenge in choosing betwe...
Enoteca Pinchiorri
One of Tuscany's temples of gourmet dining conveniently situated in the historical centre of Florence, this elegant Michelin 3-starred restaurant specialises in modern Tuscan cuisine and is most renowned for its magnificent wine list!
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