North Italy Lakes

Home to the best of Italy's scenic lakes, Northern Italy offers both dramatic scenery and the chance to take a break from the intense heat of summer.

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Home to a repertoire of Italy's most famed and celebrated lakes set against the jaw-dropping backdrop of the Alps, Northern Italy's scenic shores never falter in entrancing the minds of all who venture here. The primary trio, Lake Como, Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore characterise this portion of the Italian peninsula that has been loved since the time of the Romans. Varying in their terrains, the landscapes of these North Italian lakes range from rolling hills and waterfronts to high mountains and sprawling natural habitats. Other lesser-known but equally as vastly beautiful perimeters include Lake Iseo, Lake Orta and Lake Lugano.

Lake Como is one of the most famous, in part due to its celebrity-status, with the likes of George Clooney residing there and also due to its close proximity to Milan, making it perfect for a day-trip. Known for its Renaissance architecture, Lake Como treats visitors to its park-like gardens within a variety of villa, public spaces or urban settings where the transformation from season to season puts on a delightful display.

The ladle-shaped Lake Garda is hailed for its crystal clear waters and status as Italy's largest lake! Attracting poets, politicians and other notable figures for millennia, it's best visited in spring or late summer. Come to unwind or venture to its south side to discover a mecca for windsurfing, paragliding, mountain walking and climbing.

Lake Maggiore is Italy's northernmost and second-largest lake, sharing a border with Switzerland. While it is one of the main three lakes in Italy, it sees far fewer visitors per year, making it ideal for exploring the beautiful zoological and botanical gardens that decorate its landscape. Akin to Lake Garda, ensure you take advantage of the extreme sports on offer.

An experience of Italy's north lakes is an absolute must!

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