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Hotel Stein

Salzburg, Austria

This legendary building in the centre of Salzburg which served as a restaurant in the Middle Ages called “The Stein”, has a long and eventful history. After a painstaking restoration, The Stein will open its doors once again to the design-conscious traveller.

The Salzburg Solution

The Italian influence in Salzburg began in the 16th-century. At that time, the Venetian architect Vincenzo Scamozzi was commissioned to design a new urban layout. In collaboration with his successor Santino Solari, they created a masterpiece.

The Location

Grandly sitting on the river and casting a proprietorial eye over the 900-year-old Fortress Hohensalzburg and other world treasures, it is within easy spending and sightseeing distance of Altstadt, the beautifully preserved old district.

The Rooms

Luminaires and glass works of the Venetian glass manufacturers Barovier & Toso and selected fabrics of the world famous fabric house Rubelli; Everything in the rooms was produced exclusively for the Hotel Stein. Each masterpiece showcases a harmonious combination of modern art and contemporary design.

Nibbles & Tipples

Within the hotel walls alone you are surrounded by choice for all dietary needs. Fine dining experience Seven Senses will entice and surprise. While Green Vanilla, serving delicious healthier options such as chai lattes, vegan cheesecakes and smoothies.

The Seven Senses eatery on the roof is an experience for all of your senses. What used to be known as Steinterrasse presents itself today as a spectacular, pleasurable location at an impressively high level.

God is in the details

Views from the rooftop alone are unprecedented in Salzburg; imagine sitting with your aperitif gazing over this photogenic city.


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Salzburg - Austria

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