Luxury Bed Designs For A Good Night's Sleep


As we’ve just entered the start of a new decade, it’s time to start redecorating, rejuvenating and completely refreshing the spaces around us. Whether it’s refurbishing your kitchen, replacing the old sofa with a new one or just waiting to find the perfect home design theme that inspires you, why don’t we start with the place where we spend a third of our lives, the most important and comforting place in the house — our beds.

Getting a good night's sleep is so important for our physical and mental health — it boosts our productivity, leaves us feeling refreshed and can help with a lot of health problems. According to health experts from the Sleep Better Council, your bedroom plays a key role in getting the correct amount of sleep your body needs and discovering the best way to sleep is of paramount importance. There’s no better way to improve your quality of sleep than ensuring the environment in which you rest your head is fully optimised — fluffy pillows, indulgent mattresses and beautiful design to make you feel completely tranquil.

From modern bed frames to extravagant ones, to soft linens and a plethora of decorative pillows, enhance your sleep quality and be inspired this 2020 with some of these beautiful luxury interior design hotel bed designs:

1. Theme

The theme of your bedroom should always represent you and your style and is the first step in being on your way to sleep therapy central. Although we all go through phases of liking one style of interior design to the complete opposite; such as simple and modern furnishings to quirky vintage pieces, or maybe even a bit of boho-chic in the summertime, we find that the best way to make the perfect bedroom design is by starting with the main focal point, the bed. So let us narrow down each individual section to help you with your bed designs for this new decade. I mean, it’s all about New Year, new me, right? What inspires you? When you wake up in the morning, what do you wish to be surrounded by? Let’s start with that… If you’re looking to completely start from scratch, choosing the right theme for your new bed can be tricky, especially if you’re looking to base your entire bedroom theme on this concept. Here are a few of our favourite themes:

Modern: A theme that never fails to impress. Sleek but simple, minimal yet effective.

Shabby-Chic: Ageless and elegant, this style has a soft vintage feel to it with a classic French twist.

Industrial: A mixture between rustic and modern, with a lot of exposed brick, distressed wooden elements and copper-tone accents.

Nautical: Think classic beach house with heavy accents on whites, sand and blues.

Scandinavian: Gentle contours, bold colours, organic materials yet all very minimal. Think IKEA.

So what theme screams you? Check out some of our hotel bedroom themes below to help inspire you on how to start getting a better night’s sleep.

2. Colour Palette

Following the relevant theme you have chosen, discovering the perfect colour palette can be tough, especially when moods and tastes change as quickly as the seasons. Unless you have your heart set on a colour scheme, or have a bunch of mood boards filled with inspirations for the next time you redecorate, the perfect colours can be a difficult yet crucial part of beginning to design your perfect bed.

Ask yourself this — am I looking for something simple but modern? Colourful but not clashy? Bold and quirky? Or something where anything and everything just goes together seamlessly? These are all relevant questions that should help narrow down the colour schemes for you.

For instance, the colours in the hotel bedrooms featured have all been carefully selected to help identify the characters and atmospheres surrounding them. From the different shades of blue in Villa Carlotta, reflecting the surrounding Ionian Sea; the sensual colours of dark red and ochre that grace the walls of Ca Maria Adele, achieving that romantic yet grand feel of Venice; to the bold and traditional colours of Latin America that come to life inside Milan’s Galleria Vik, and earthy tones in Masseria Dagilupi that are inspired by its surrounding grounds, hopefully these designs will gift you with some divine inspiration to begin crafting the ideal bed for you.

3. Bed Frames

Before you get enchanted by the selection of magnificent bed frames below, you need to take into consideration how much space you actually have to play with. As this is probably the largest piece of furniture you’ll have in your room, you need to make sure it’s the perfect frame measurements for the space you have – as you don’t want a large bed overpowering a small room, or a tiny bed drowning in an expansive space!
Do you want wood? Metal? Leather? Or fabric? Choosing a bed frame is nearly as tough as picking the themes and colour palettes for your room – there are literally so many to choose from! Is this bed too high? Or are you too close to the ground? The list of questions can go on...

From the classic divan, to the glamorous four poster beds, be spoilt for choice with the number of frames to choose from. Why not take some inspiration from the magnificent Mille Notti beds at Görvälns Slott – a family run Swedish bed company creating a ‘marvelous experience and a treat for your senses’; or maybe from the circular FENDI Casa bed in Villa Laetitia? Whether you’re looking for the frame to be the statement piece of the room, or a simple base with or without a bold headboard to help bring out the magnificence of the bed coverings, discover these beautiful bed frames.

4. Pillow Talk

“Your pillow is the first step to having a good night’s sleep” - Hotel Stein

When was the last time you changed your pillow? 6 months ago? Over a year ago? Can’t remember? Usually, picking a couple of pillows used to be a no-brainer — simple, easy, but now there are just so many to choose from.Usually when we think of a comfy bed, we think primarily about the mattress, but choosing your pillows are just as important, for both comfort and your sleep health. Find out exactly what sort of comfort and support you need during your sleep, then discover which sort of pillows are perfect for you – both will seek to help with posture and a good night’s sleep! A better night’s sleep leads to a healthy mind, leaving us feeling refreshed and productive. So how can we help achieve this? Finding the perfect pillows can be tough, but there are a range of options to suit many. From the comfort of feather pillows and softness of down pillows, to the support of memory foam and the classic hypoallergenic pillow, be sure to find the right one for you.

To ensure guests have the best experience, a few of our HIP Hotels offer pillow menus (yes, a pillow menu) to offer them a truly personalised experience. THE VIEW Lugano offers a number of aromatic pillow cases to choose from on their menu, including chamomile and lavender; DasPostHotel has a selection of wellness pillows containing minerals and iron, which have a beneficial effect on the skin; Four Seasons DIFC have orthopedic pillows available upon request; and Donna Coraly Resort offers an extensive array of indulgent pillows on request too!

5. Duvet Covers & Bedspreads

Once you’ve decided on the theme, colour palette and bed frame for your new bed, choosing the bedding is where your personality and flair starts to truly quick in. Whether you’re a simple but effective duvet set person, or you love to decorate the bed with a number of different throws and bedspreads, allow us inspire you with some of these spectacular hotel beds spreads. If you’ve chosen a statement bedframe, why not dress it down with some minimal bedding — singular colours to match the theme you’ve chosen, or a reversible duvet set to give you the option of two in one – changing the look daily and adding a fantastic feature when the top of the cover is folded over? Or maybe you’ve chosen the simple base — in that case… it’s time to dress it up!

Texturing and layering is a massive trend at the moment. So, adding a throw or a bedspread to the party can make a huge difference to the room, automatically allowing the bed to become the focal point with minimum to no effort. If you’re looking for something a little chic yet modern, a throw over the duvet set is perfect, but make sure you don’t make it too perfect, as throws look best when casually draped over the bed (less neat, more chic). Or, if you like things neat and more formal, a bold-coloured bedspread is the one for you.

6. Cushions

Now you’re nearly set, but you just need to add the finishing touches…

Decorative cushions are absolutely essential for a bed. You could place these anywhere in a space, and it’ll make a huge difference – adding more colour, texture and comfort to a room. But the questions is how many? As the American hip hop trio, De La Soul would say, “three is the magic number”... But others also like more, so that works too. The best thing about choosing the perfect decorative cushions for your bed, is that they could take any style or pattern, as long as they stick to the theme of your room. Some may prefer a mix-match of cushions of different shapes, sizes and colours whilst others like symmetrical, matching options – but we’ll leave that for you to decide.

Hotelier Kristin Boman, owner of the magnificently eclectic Bomans Hotell, says that “More is more, less is a bore”. So if you relate to that, the more decorative cushions the better! Take some inspiration from this wonderful selection of hotels, and discover how they decorate their beds with cushions in distinctive ways.

Dressing a bed is all about attention to detail, and that starts from the importance of sleep and your surroundings, to the last-minute touches of throws and decorative cushions. We’ve covered the various themes and personas that a bedroom can take, the colour palette, the importance of pillow talk, the bed frame holding it all together, all sorts of duvet covers and throws, and the small yet significant cherry on top, the cushions. We hope this article has inspired you to rejuvenate and completely refresh the place you rest your head at night for this new decade!

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