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Galleria Vik Milano

Milan, Italy

Presenting a space that truly shines as the embodiment of Milan itself — history, culture, art, and architecture, Galleria Vik Milano comprises 89 uniquely designed rooms and suites with art and décor that surprises each and every time. Looking down over Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the hotel is the brainchild of Carrie and Alexander Vik, meticulously designed using an array of artworks from Italian, Uruguayan and international artists, to create anything but a plain space to rest your head.

Awe-Inspiring Design

Bringing "edgy design" to the luxuriously fashionable Milan, and their first hotel outside of South America, Vik Retreats have made an astounding entrance into the Italian city. Taking "living amongst art" to an entirely new meaning, Galleria Vik is like walking through an art museum.

The Location

If this art-filled wonder wasn't enough, you're on the doorstep to the best of Milan's sights and cultural gifts — the beautiful opera house, Leonardo da Vinci's famous Last Supper, the gothic Duomo, The Pinacoteca, and the Sforza Castle. This, paired with the entirely unique location of being perched in the rafters of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a private spa and three restaurants, makes this stay an unforgettable getaway.

The Rooms

Each of the 89 rooms and suites showcases artists' work, amid a wash of stucco Veneziano on the walls. Fine art navigates from public art gallery to guesthouse for an exclusive in-room experience. Each feature wildly distinctive decor including midcentury, antique and contemporary furniture.

Nibbles & Tipples

Offering one of the most exclusive viewpoints out onto the bull of the Galleria, Vikissimo Restaurant is just one of the dining hangouts concocted by the Vik collective — expect fresh and local cuisine with a welcoming social atmosphere.

It wouldn't be Italy if pizza wasn't on the menu — at Galleria Vik's I Dodici Gatti, indulge in a delicious assortment of wood-fired Neapolitan style pizzas and the chance to try the famous red wine blends from the Vik winery in Chile.

God is in the details

Like looking out from your very own exclusive perch, Galleria Vik Milano allows one-of-a-kind access to the famed shopping mall. Forget wandering around amongst the hustle and bustle and claim a unique perspective of the activity that reverberates below.


Milan - Italy

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