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Nairobi, Kenya

Africa is full of amazing places; the landscape alone will see to that. A beautiful, lifestyle property showcasing unique architecture, luxurious interiors, and a welcome so warm it is almost at odds with the ultra-cool environment. Marvel at a collection of almost 900 hand-sculpted artefacts from all over Africa. Welcome to the heart of Nairobi's diplomatic district, welcome to Tribe.

Twenty-first Century Tribe

Reflecting the sparse colouring of the landscape Tribe is quite something to behold, and inside, marble stairs, more glass, contemporary chandeliers and an earthy palette make for a light, airy environment that avoids the prosaic nature of big brands and exemplifies East African culture.

The Location

Set in a leafy suburb of Kenya's capital, Nairobi, Tribe is attached to The Village Market, East Africa's largest shopping complex. The city itself is a wealth of cafe culture and unbridled nightlife, but the sprawling suburbs are awash with the green foliage that is characteristic of the city's origins as a water source.

The Rooms

One of the key features of Tribe is its collection of contemporary and cultural art throughout the hotel, including the rooms. Each room is large, spacious and defined by smooth lines and crisp white walls and undulating curves with a palette that is neutral, as it is throughout the hotel.

Nibbles & Tipples

Delight in the hotel's playful approach to its food presentation, with a seasonal menu that's lovingly dedicated to its local farmers. Let your palate experience crisp flavours and fresh, organic ingredients. Jiko restaurant will uplift you with its experimental and delightful dishes.

Towering stone walls interspersed with glass and strategically placed geometric holes cut out of the exterior, Tribe is not your average construction.

God is in the details

Located adjacent to the Village Market shopping complex, The Tribe takes its inspiration from Nairobi's cultural and creative renaissance in recent years. Look out across the city's industrious and innovative design.


Limuru Road
 The Village Market, Gigiri

Nairobi - Kenya

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