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A place where it’s stunning from the sea to the sky, there is nowhere in the world like the magnificent place of Africa. Not only is it the world’s second-largest continent, but there’s absolutely nowhere on this Earth that’s as magical as here.

For the adventurous traveller, cliche or not, Africa is a game reserve; a vast slice of the planet where nature in all its glory and fury still reigns supreme – so prepare yourself to fall in love with what’s to come. Who can imagine this wonderful place and not think of its spectacular wildlife? Sure, most of us have witnessed some of the continent’s magnificent animals in captivity, but what is that compared with the opportunity to encounter them in the wild?

Regardless of the glorious countries and incredible cultures, the canvas of this astonishing continent is reason enough to visit. From the tropical rainforests of Congo Basin and the indigenous tribes of Central Africa, to the warm hues from the dunes in the Namib Desert and the Big Five in the iconic Serengeti, wherever you travel to in this otherworldly continent, Africa has it all – so make sure you bring your camera!