Top Unique Hotel Stays


"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art" - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

From old perfume factories and magnificent architectural beauties to a boutique hotel featuring the world-famous artwork by Banksy; indulge in some of our top unique hotels and experience a stay like no other.

The Walled Off - Bethlehem, Palestine

“To live with artwork is something different, to glimpse it from the corner of your eye.” - Diane Arbus

Nestled alongside Palestine and Israel’s controversial separation wall in Bethlehem lies one of the rarest travel experiences to be had, The Walled Off. With customised rooms featuring some of the world’s finest artists including Banksy, Sami Musa and Dominique Petrin, find yourself sleeping in amongst a true work of art at this quirky hotel.

Offering a host of unique and innovative facilities, explore The Walled Off’s incredible displays of art and literature. From a museum dedicated solely to the biography of the wall to its own gallery where local and notable artists in Palestine showcase their work, soak up the ingenious atmosphere of the hotel itself and the historic scenery that surrounds it.

Be sure to enjoy some delicious tea and scones at their Piano Bar. Themed as a colonial homage to Britain's acquisition of Palestine in 1917, admire the large collection of Banksy artworks, rest on leather-bound couches and a listen to a remote-controlled grand piano that plays bespoke contemporary music every night. If you’re looking for an exclusive unique hotel stay, The Walled Off is your perfect choice and where art truly comes to life.

Hotel Magna Pars Suites Milano – Hotel à Parfum - Milan, Italy

Set inside an old perfume factory, tantalise your senses at the enchanting Hotel Magna Pars Suites Milano – Hotel à Parfum. Nestled within Milan’s buzzing fashion and design district, this unique industrial hotel oozes eco charm and the roots of essential oils. Discover the charming blend of environmental sustainability and modern technology, with futuristic crossovers of wood and steel creating lush gardens that boast blooming jasmine, maple trees and roses.

Formed of thirty-nine uniquely designed suites, a relaxing sensation of aromatherapy fulfils all sensory expectations, as each room has a different theme of scents and essential oils. Indulge in the tasteful Italian textiles and furnishings, brushed oak wood floors and outstanding artisan workmanship.

Adhering to the perfume identity, taste the delicious dishes with aromatic seasonal ingredients at the in-house restaurant and go on a gastronomical adventure whilst you witness traditional Italian cuisine transformed into innovative recipes you’ve never seen before. Treat yourself to a perfectly unique hotel stay at Hotel Magna Pars Suites Milano – Hotel à Parfum, leaving you feeling fresh, rejuvenated and smelling absolutely divine by the end of your stay.

Playa Vik José Ignacio - Maldonado, Uruguay

Forming part of one of the magnificent Vik Retreats, Playa Vik José Ignacio is one of the most exceptional architectural beauties harnessing the full force of nature. Sat on the Mansa “Calm” beach in the chic village of José Ignacio, the most coveted point of the Uruguayan coastline, this unique eco-hotel takes pride in providing travellers with the most unforgettable experiences.

Formed of individually decorated casas and suites, art and design are the fundamental pillars of this hotel. Playa Vik combines the perfect mixture of bohemian beach-town with bold interiors and modern design. Take a dip in the mesmerising 22-metre cantilevered infinity pool with astonishing views of the Atlantic Ocean that make you feel like you’ve swum right out to sea. This fascinating pool is also covered in lights that map out the stars visible from the southern hemisphere, making after-hours dips an otherworldly experience.

Hotel ZaZa Houston Museum District - Houston, USA

Houston, we have a problem… If you’re looking for a hotel with some serious personality, Hotel ZaZa Houston Museum District is a perfect choice. Nestled within the buzzing cultural hub of Houston’s museum district, this quirky hotel boasts everything you could possibly wish for and more by encouraging you never to take yourself too seriously!

With a collection of exclusive guestrooms and suites including Pool Villas, Concept Suites and The Magnificent Seven Suites, each room has its own mixture of wonderfully stylish vibes and vibrant quarters - think glittering chandeliers and velvet sofas. From Parisian-inspired rooms to a celestial-room experience, you're spoilt for choice; the large collection of dazzling suites make you feel like a true rock star at Hotel ZaZa!

A stay at the exuberant Hotel ZaZa Houston Museum District truly is a one-of-a-kind experience. Be sure to not take yourself too seriously and indulge in ZaZa’s quirky character and impeccable attention to detail.

The Kumaon - Almora, India

Why not try something a little different and venture up to this unique mountain retreat nestled within the Himalayas? Located near the historic city of Almora, India, this minimalistic unique hotel is so surreal, we sure it’s what dreams are made of. Imagine waking up above the enchanting treetops with magnificent views of mountain peaks and surreal lush forestry right at your feet… perfect right?

Formed of ten luscious suites, a sun lounge, a library and a tasteful sky-high gourmet restaurant, The Kumaon is the perfect unique stay if you’re looking to escape to somewhere where you can fully immerse yourself in the tranquil surroundings. Float above the treetops and embrace the beautiful locally-sourced interior materials that surround you, for the full rustic and authentic experience. Wherever you decide to rest at this unique hotel, every space allows you to fully disconnect from the world amid pure serenity and bliss.

Bomans Hotell - Trosa, Sweden

“More is more - less is a bore”. That’s the slogan at Bomans Hotell, and we totally agree. Surrounded by glimmering canals and old fishing boats with huge taverns, the quirky Bomans Hotell is nestled in the coastal community of Trosa, just south of Stockholm. Offering eclectic rooms with their own quirks and personalities, hotel owner Kristin Boman has turned this homely hotel into a one-of-a-kind unique boutique and filled it with playful furnishings, offbeat decor and modern design by some of the world’s well-known designers.

Formed of 46 individually decorated themed rooms and suites, each one has a different personality in mind. From Bono’s Knight Commander to the Princess On The Pea room, whatever mood you’re feeling, here you are spoilt for choice. Filled with tasteful details, discover bottles of perfume, designer heels and Hermès scarves to wear for dinner in your room just waiting to be used — it truly is remarkable.

The personality of Bomans Hotell will truly leave you wanting more and will set your standards high for your future travel experiences.

Hotel Zoo - Berlin, Germany

Experience the true meaning of extravagance at Berlin’s magnificent Hotel Zoo. With bright interiors that fill the hotel with a colourful vibe, it revives the 1920’s Berlin glamour whilst reflecting the vibrant culture of the buzzing city it's nestled within. Recently reinstated by interior designer Danya Lee, this unique hotel couldn’t be more perfectly situated, with its prestigious address on Berlin’s famous Kurfürstendamm.

Think plush carpets, heavy curtains, platform beds and so much more. Indulge in the miraculous modern furnishings, relax in the interior courtyard with ivy-covered elephants and giraffes and be mesmerised by the exclusive artwork filling the rooms by Swedish photographer Andreas Kock. From Panorama rooms to King suites, the spacious interior and quirky personality of the grand Hotel Zoo evokes a true fantastical feel.

Tribe - Nairobi, Kenya

Where a collection of contemporary and cultural art fill the hotel, the unique Tribe showcases unique architecture, luxurious interiors and exemplifies East African culture. Situated in the leafy capital of Kenya’s suburb, Nairobi, you’ll be amazed by the collection of nearly 900 hand-sculpted artefacts from all over Africa and become part of the twenty-first-century tribe.

Formed of 135 luxurious large, spacious rooms and suites, indulge in the rich deep traditional colours mixed with natural stone and wood, and prepare to be mesmerised by the handmade wooden furniture complemented by local artefacts. For a perfectly unique stay, ensure you take a few hours to rejuvenate yourself at the hotel’s Kaya Spa. Reflecting the mysticism and enchantment of the Kaya Forests, choose from an array of massages and therapies and indulge in the true personality of Kenya at the enchanting Tribe.

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